Favorite Leading Actor in a Musical:

Jessie Glover – Jesus, "Godspell"

Andy Hayes – Mr. Wormwood, "Matilda"

Alex Truzzi – Frank N. Furter, "Rocky Horror Show"

Kelly Tunney – Brad Majors, "Rocky Horror Show"

Will Herrington – Daddy Warbucks, "Annie"

Favorite Leading Actress in a Musical

Breanna Deutsch – Cassie, "A Chorus Line"

Kelly Damico – Donna Sheridan, "Mamma Mia"

Leigha Bowman – Adelaide, "Guys & Dolls"

Vanessa Clarke-Deaver – Janet Weiss, "Rocky Horror Show"

Jordan Gilbert – Jo March, "Little Women"

Favorite Supporting Actor in a Musical

Payton Dell – Paul, "A Chorus Line"

Will Dixon – Nicely Nicely Johnson, "Guys & Dolls"

Will Herrington – Rocky, "Rocky Horror Show"

Andy Hayes – Eddie/Dr. Scott – "Rocky Horror Show"

James Scharer – Rooster Hannigan, "Annie"

Favorite Supporting Actress in a Musical

Marina Stefano – Diana, "A Chorus Line"

Leyna Wright – Sheila, "A Chorus Line"

Robyn Brady – Rosie, "Mamma Mia"

Jordan Gilbert – Miss Honey, "Matilda"

Leigha Bowman – Mrs. Wormwood, "Matilda"

Favorite Leading Actor in a Play

Adam Wainwright – Various, "The Laramie Project"

Ben Wren – Various, "The Laramie Project"

Andy Hayes – Various, "The Laramie Project"

Will Herrington – John Proctor, "The Crucible"

Will Dixon – Leo, "Leading Ladies"

Favorite Leading Actress in a Play

Kate Cramer – Emily, "Unconventional"

Jessica Zack – Various, "The Laramie Project"

Emily Hamilla – Elizabeth Proctor, "The Crucible"

Rachel Carey – Abigail Williams, "The Crucible"

Caitlin Cherry – Abigail Williams, "The Crucible"

Kaylee Hansberry – Meg, "Leading Ladies"

Favorite Supporting Actor in a Play

Erik Smith – Parker, Unconventional

Justin Williams – Reverend Hale, "The Crucible"

John Paul Ritchey – Danforth, "The Crucible"

Adam Wainwright – Jack, "Leading Ladies"

Andy Hayes – Doc, "Leading Ladies"

Favorite Supporting Actress in a Play

Shannon Riley – Addie, "Unconventional"

Nellie Cook – Mary Warren, "The Crucible"

Carolyn Jerz – Mary Warren, "The Crucible"

Chelsea Forbes – Audrey, "Leading Ladies"

Martha Oliver – Florence, "Leading Ladies"

Favorite Featured Actor in a Play or Musical

Chris Schaffer – Grampy, "Unconventional"

Willie White – Giles Corey, "The Crucible"

Chris Schaffer – John Brooks, "Little Women"

Brandon Kerr – Drake, "Annie"

Chris Schaffer – Franklin D. Roosevelt, "Annie"

Favorite Featured Actress in a Play or Musical

Julia Smitley – Miss Morris, "Unconventional"

Martha Oliver – Rebecca Nurse, "The Crucible"

Blakely Herrilko – Patty Simcox, "Grease"

Jane Staranko – Marmie, "Little Women"

Katie Grubb – Lily St. Regis, "Annie"

Favorite Antagonist in a Play or Musical

Rachel Carey – Abigail Williams, "The Crucible"

Caitlin Cherry – Abigail Williams, "The Crucible"

Christina Bordini – Ms. Trunchbull, "Matilda"

Jessie Glover – Riff Raff, "Rocky Horror Show"

Rachael Szabo – Miss Hannigan, "Annie"

Favorite Comedic Performance in a Play or Musical (Individual, Duo, or Group)

Kelly Tunney and Blakely Herrilko – Al and Kristine, "A Chorus Line"

Danny Ebeling, Joe Onesi, Mikey Smith, Jonathan Heinbaugh, and Jessie Glover – The T-Birds, "Grease"

Jessie Glover – Riff Raff, "Rocky Horror Show"

Will Dixon and Adam Wainwright – Leo and Jack, "Leading Ladies"

James Scharer, Katie Grubb, and Rachael Szabo – Rooster, Lily, and Miss Hannigan, "Annie"

Favorite Costumes in a Play or Musical

"A Chorus Line"


"Guys & Dolls"

"Rocky Horror Show"

"Little Women"

Favorite Set Design in a Play or Musical


"The Crucible"

"Mamma Mia"

"Rocky Horror Show"

"Leading Ladies"

Favorite Lighting Design in a Play or Musical

Christopher Koch – "A Chorus Line"

Kelly Tunney and Tyler Handford – "The Crucible"

Shawn Conway – "Mamma Mia"

Christopher Koch – "Matilda"

Christopher Koch – "Rocky Horror Show"

Favorite Choreography

Marina Stefano – "A Chorus Line"

Audrey Gee – "Mamma Mia"

Paige McLaughlin – "Grease"

Kaylee Hansberry – "Guys & Dolls"

Kellie Wilson – "Rocky Horror Show"

Favorite Music

Levi Graft – "A Chorus Line"

Steve Clark – "Godspell"

David Bridge – "Mamma Mia"

David Bridge – "Grease"

Alison King Perry – "Guys & Dolls"

Steve Clark – "Rocky Horror Show"

Steve Clark – "Little Women"

Outstanding Ensemble

"A Chorus Line"

"Mamma Mia"



"Rocky Horror Show"

Favorite Director

Tyler Handford and Rachael Szabo – "A Chorus Line"

Jessica Zack – "Unconventional"

Angela Mazzocco – "The Laramie Project"

Mike Hamilla – "Godspell"

Leigh Jerz – "The Crucible"

Shawn Conway – "Mamma Mia"

Mandy Onder – "Matilda"

Will Dixon – "Grease"

Ben Wren – "Guys & Dolls"

John Cunnard – "Rocky Horror Show"

Shawn Conway – "Leading Ladies"

Jill Sharlock – "Little Women"

Tina Lepidi-Stewart - "Annie"

Favorite Play


"The Laramie Project"

"The Crucible"

"Leading Ladies"

Favorite Musical

"A Chorus Line"


"Mamma Mia"



"Guys & Dolls"

"Rocky Horror Show"

"Little Women"


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