One of the early participants in the Fayette County Law Library’s Artist of the Month will be the last monthly artist for the program.

Peter Pasqua has been carving and sculpting wood for over 20 years, has been commissioned to carve several personal pieces, sold his work nationally and he has won many awards as well as been juried into several art exhibitions.

His work was one of the earliest that were featured for the Fayette County Law Library’s Artist of the Month program, where Pasqua showed off his wood-carving abilities that included carving wood-spirit faces.

“I still like the carving,” Pasqua said as he has also created commissioned busts of people, relief carvings of both structures and individuals as well as cameo carvings and jewelry.

It wasn’t until his involvement with the Uniontown Art Club as its past president and current treasurer when they moved to a new location at 86 W. Main St. Uniontown last year that another art form found its way to Pasqua.

He said the new building needed signage for the front window and since he couldn’t find signage the club could afford, so he purchased a vinyl cutter to make his own.

“That started me on my vinyl path,” Pasqua said.

Starting with creating different letters with vinyl, Pasqua then learned how to print images on vinyl and set that onto wood, slate, ceramic and even jewelry.

“When it comes to vinyl, just throw me an idea, and I’ll run with it,” Pasqua said, adding that he could even put personal images like someone’s car on a keychain or a person’s pet on a drink coaster or many other options. “It has been received really well.”

Pasqua said his works on display at the law library include relief carvings on flat pieces of wood to display as two-dimension look, three-dimensional carvings, a walking stick with a carving of a face of a wood spirit and his vinyl works as well.

He said the items at the law library are for sale.

He added that the Uniontown Art Club will begin shows again with the next one scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 10 and 11 at the Summit Inn with free admission.

Pasqua added that the art club had already started videos on their Facebook page where artists can talk about their works for sale and the stories behind them.

The Fayette County Law Library presents Peter Pasqua. His “Wood and Vinyl Artwork” on display through Dec. 1.

Pasqua’s display will mark the end of the Artist of the Month feature for the law library as the law library will have the Artist of the Quarter and will feature four artists every year.

The library is located on the second floor of the Fayette County Courthouse. The public is invited, admission is free and the library is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and is closed from 12 to 1 p.m. every day.

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