Music review: Bananarama - ’In Stereo’

Bananarama is back.

The all-girl group, now down to original members Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, revisits the glory days of the 1980s when Bananarama heated up the airwaves with infectious treats like the cool and melodic “Cruel Summer,” the chart-topping “Venus” and the irresistible pop flavorings of “I Heard a Rumour.”

“Been a long time,” sings the sweet-sounding pair on the album opener “Love in Stereo.” It indeed has been a sizable amount of time between new offerings. “In Stereo” is Bananarama’s 11th studio release and first album in 10 years since “Viva.”

The new material serves as a slick collection of hypnotic dance arrangements, covering topics such as looking for love, losing love and living in the moment.

“Dance Music” is the album’s pulsating headliner that is alluring and mysterious in detailing the thrill of getting completely caught up in the music on a crowded dance floor in search of the perfect partner.

“Intoxicated” continues to relay the feeling of excitement when a connection is made from across the room and the sparks begin to fly with the music adding to the adventure currently unfolding step by step.

Tracks like “Tonight,” “Looking for Someone” and “Stuff Like That” focus directly on the search for that special person who can turn things around after dreams come crashing down and hope seems all but lost.

“Got to Get Away” carries a nonchalant “Cruel Summer” vibe as it deals with moving forward and making a fresh start in a new and unfamiliar place.

“It’s Gonna Be Alright” addresses moving beyond a failed relationship in order to find someone true.

The set comes to a haunting and beautiful end with “On Your Own,“ a song about finally finding love, only to let it go when you discover it isn’t what you expected.

In the end, “In Stereo” proves to be a splendid listen and continues to spotlight the successful career of the British pop duo.

Clint Rhodes is the Herald-Standard music reviewer. He can be reached at

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