Billy Ocean - ‘One World’

Billy Ocean - ‘One World’

The Beatles were right all along. Love is all we really need. It’s a message that has been preached by numerous artists for decades. As we all yearn for a return to some normalcy, demonstrating peace, love and understanding must guide us in our everyday interaction with one another.

With his latest release, Billy Ocean seeks to spark a revolution of love as he proclaims, “So much demonstrations/People voicing their opinion/We got to find the solution/What we need is a love revolution.”

Forty-five years after the release of his self-titled debut, Ocean sparks another love revival with a smooth collection of songs containing uplifting messages that encourage a reconnecting with our fellow brothers and sisters.

“We Gotta Find Love” kicks off the album with the singer-songwriter detailing the urgency to pursue compassion by breaking down the barriers that separate us as we come together for a common goal that provides for better days ahead.

The title track is an infectious call to action to take care of business and save the one world we have been given because we can’t afford to get this one wrong as Ocean warns, “I see there's something going on/It’s time for us to turn it around.”

Love songs “Feel the Love,” “Love You More” and “Betcha Don’t Know” spotlight Ocean at his best by setting the perfect romantic mood and capturing the moving power of love.

Ocean is just as effective when describing the heartbreak of a lost love on the R&B tracks “Missing You Everyday” and “Can’t Stand the Pain.” Ocean’s soulful voice is just as strong as when he delivered the hits “Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)” and “Suddenly” back in 1984.

Just like with 1988’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car,” Ocean proves he can still motivate a crowd to get up and dance on the pulsating party numbers “When I Saw You” and “Mystery.”

Ocean brings the album to an encouraging close with “Nothing Will Stand in Our Way” as he sings, “With a little love/And the moon above/We will keep on holding on/Saving what we've got.”

Love will indeed keep us together.

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