Music review: Scott Stapp - ‘The Space Between the Shadows’

As the charismatic frontman of Creed, Scott Stapp was living the true rock ’n’ roll lifestyle with the release of 1997’s “My Own Prison” and 1999’s “Human Clay.”

Stapp seemed to have it all until fame went to his head and the rising star quickly fizzled out as success was replaced with excess.

Years after the band self-destructed, Stapp battled bipolar disorder as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

Now clean and sober, Stapp appears to be determined to learn from his struggles and provide hope for those going through similar difficulties.

“I shut every door but the right one/I fought the devil and he won,” confesses Stapp on “Purpose for Pain” from his latest release. It’s an emotional number about finding the strength and courage to push through the pain and escape the dark abyss that has blocked the light from shining in for so many years.

“The Space Between the Shadows” echoes with themes of faith, perseverance and redemption as Stapp sounds focused on creating inspiring music that connects with the lost and hurting on his third solo effort.

“Survivor” demonstrates Stapp’s resolution to triumph over defeat as he confidently declares, “It’s my time, my fight/I’m unstoppable, I'm unbreakable.”

The guitar-driven “World I Used to Know,” “Face of the Sun” and “Red Clouds” are stirring numbers that confirm the 45-year-old singer can still rock the rafters when needed.

With past sins forgiven and the promise of a new birth, Stapp gets spiritual on “Heaven in Me” as he sings, “Lost my spirit, my soul/But I was never alone.”

Power ballads “Name” and “Ready to Love” ring of hard lessons learned as the cloak of recklessness is shed in order to find a more meaningful purpose and unconditional love.

With “The Space Between the Shadows,” Stapp seems ready to change for the better and take full advantage of his second chance.

Clint Rhodes is the Herald-Standard music reviewer. He can be reached at

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