Music review: Whitesnake - ‘Flesh & Blood’

Back in 1978, singer David Coverdale released the debut album that carried the Whitesnake name. With a noteworthy career that produced memorable hits such as “Love Ain’t No Stranger,” “Still of the Night,” “Slow an’ Easy” and “Is This Love,” Whitesnake shows no signs of easing up the pressure on the gas pedal with a new offering that proves to be one of the band’s best.

With a current lineup consisting of Coverdale on vocals, Joel Hoekstra and Pittsburgh native Reb Beach on guitars, Michael Devin on bass, Michele Luppi on keyboards and Tommy Aldridge on drums, the band rocks harder than ever.

“Flesh & Blood” follows 2015’s “The Purple Album,” a stirring set of revisited Deep Purple classics off the three albums that Coverdale appeared on after replacing Ian Gillan back in 1973

“Good to See You Again” opens the new set with a hearty hello to fans with Coverdale announcing, “Good evening all you kings and queens/It’s good to see you again.”

It’s definitely good to hear Coverdale again. The 67-year-old frontman is still in fine voice as he growls out robust renderings of new tracks like “Gonna Be Alright,” “Trouble Is Your Middle Name” and “Get Up.”

“Hey You (You Make Me Rock)” simply smolders under the weight of heavy guitar riffs accompanied by a shout-out-loud chorus, making for a killer concert number that will get the walls shaking and the earth quaking.

“Shut Up & Kiss Me” possesses a youthful energy that finds the band rocking out and having a blast in the process. The video for this vibrant track is a throwback to the 1987 video for “Here I Go Again,” as Coverdale once again gets behind the wheel of his vintage white Jaguar for a night on the town.

Coverdale proves he can still deliver strong power ballads with the melodic “When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)” and the bluesy “Heart of Stone.”

“Sands of Time” is a rock anthem about enduring love, drawing the album to a muscular close with the assistance of some great guitar work as Coverdale declares, “Only when the spell is broken/Only when the curse is cast aside/When I put my arms around you/You slip through my fingers like the sands of time.”

Hard rock fans will want to make sure that the latest release by Whitesnake doesn’t slip through their fingers. For if it does, they will certainly know what it means to walk along the lonely street of dreams.

I guess I’m just a fool for the ‘80s.

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