The upcoming week has a number of excuses to celebrate, but next Tuesday has a particularly bright spot: National No Dirty Dishes Day.

Whether you cook for every meal, or cook once a week, cleaning up is always the pits.

Unfortunately, the observing the day doesn’t guarantee no dishes in the sink.

The Bon Appetit website, however, offers some ways to cut down on the number of dishes that need done:

n Cut dry ingredients before oily or sticky ones and use both sides of a cutting board. Also measure dry ingredients before wet ones to use the same measuring implements.

n Evaluate whether it’s possible to use the same tool for multiple things.

n Put a bowl of soapy water next to the sink to begin pre-soaking dirty utensils

n Blanch veggies in the sink by boiling a kettle and pouring the water over them. Rinse with cold water to stop cooking. No wait for a pot of boiling water and no ice bath bowl equals less to wash.

There are many more tips on the Bon Appetit website to avoid dirtying more dishes than necessary. But, there are two other ways to observe No Dirty Dishes Day on Tuesday: head out for dinner or order it in.

Other celebration days this week include:

May 13: National Crouton Day, National Frog Jumping Day, International Hummus Day

May 14: National Decency Day, National Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 15: National Learn to Swim Day, National Nylon Stocking Day, National Chocolate Chip Day

May 16: Honor Our LGBT Elders Day, National Piercing Day, National Biographer’s Day

May 17: National Pack Rat Day, National Graduation Tassel Day, National Mushroom Hunting Day

May 18: National Visit Your Relatives Day, National No Dirty Dishes Day, National Stress Awareness Day

May 19: National Devil’s Food Cake Day, National Juice Slush Day, World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

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