Fort Necessity


Fort Necessity will be featured on the WQED documentary “Out of the Woods: Battlefields of Western Pennsylvania,” premiering today. Shown at Fort Necessity in Farmington is a circular stockade that surrounds a storehouse.

Southwestern Pennsylvania played a key role in a war that led to the American Revolution in the 18th Century. And many of the key sites of the conflict are preserved and restored for future generations.

A new WQED documentary provides insight to these historic battlefield sites.

“Out of the Woods: Battlefields of Western Pennsylvania” premieres Thursday, Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. on WQED.

In the mid-1700s, the world’s two greatest military powers, France and Great Britain, focused their attention on western Pennsylvania. The French were seeking Native American trade partners in a land of abundant natural resources, while the British were looking to colonize. This set the stage for a world war with key battlefields in the Pittsburgh region.

With stunning photography and fascinating interviews, the 30-minute documentary takes viewers to historic sites including Fort Ligonier, Fort Necessity, Fort Pitt, Bushy Run Battlefield, Braddock’s Battlefield, and historic Hanna’s Town.

“Out of the Woods: Battlefields of Western Pennsylvania” was produced, filmed and edited by multiple Emmy award winner Paul Ruggieri, a Connellsville native. The documentary was made possible with support from the Allegheny Regional Asset District and the members of WQED.

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