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Pennsylvania has two main public access laws: the Sunshine Act, which requires agencies to hold public meetings; and the Right to Know Law (RTKL), which guarantees public access to many government records.

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First, the good news. Gov. Tom Wolf announced this week that PennDOT plans to invest more than $2 billion in roadway maintenance and highway and bridge capital projects over the next 10 years through its new Road Maintenance and Preservation (Road MaP) program.

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Should two former Fayette County teachers accused of having child pornography and other related charges be sentenced to house arrest? And should they be allowed to serve their house arrest at a home they own in Florida?

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Gov. Tom Corbett is trying to get some traction to avoid a looming fiscal crisis in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, his solution could wind up exacerbating the problem.

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No doubt there were those — either because they are philosophically opposed to gambling or simply don’t put much stock in government promises — who dismissed former Gov. Ed Rendell’s prediction that revenue from slot machines would produce a billion dollars a year in school property tax reductions.

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When they head to the polls for this spring’s party primaries, Pennsylvania voters will be asked to make critical choices about whom they want to represent them in municipal government and who is best qualified to sit in judgment of their fellow citizens in state and county courts.

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If you spend any amount of time speaking to an educator or local school board member about the biggest drag on their budgets, the chances are good that that the conversation will soon drift around to personnel costs or the mammoth expense of educating children with special needs.

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Don’t look for Gov. Corbett to thank the state judge who just ordered him to reinstate funding to provide working-poor Pennsylvanians with greater access to health insurance.

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Gov. Tom Corbett has pushed for several major initiatives in recent weeks. He aims to reform the state’s public pension systems. He wants to sell the state liquor stores. He is trying to win approval of a plan to spend more money on transportation.

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Call it a rookie mistake. State Attorney General Kathleen Kane was barely six weeks into her job last week when the newly-elected Democrat dropped a bomb — some say a political bomb — on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett. Calling it unconstitutional, Kane rejected the governor’s controversial effort to privatize the state Lottery.

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Wielding arguments that flog a horse dead and stuffed since Appomattox, some Pennsylvania legislators recently asserted the state’s right to nullify any new federal gun law.

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Professional football involves systematic violence. On every play, men do things that would get them arrested in other contexts. What makes it a game — rather than a brawl, a riot or deadly combat — is that the violence is controlled.

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There’s that 1969 classic song by Harry Nilsson that goes, “Everybody’s talkin’ at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying…” - that could be applied to our country’s politics.

Death Notices

BOYD - Patricia Ann, 73, of Waynesburg, November 20.

CARPENTER - Roxanna Pearl Moore, 95, of Waynesburg, November 22.

CLARK - Margretta M., 92, of Waynesburg, November 29.

HEADLEE - Marion Daniel, 84, of New Castle, IN, formerly of Waynesburg, November 23.

KELLY - Jason. Family and friends will be received on Dec. 6 from 5-8 p.m. at Lesako Funeral Home in Carmichaels.

KLINE - Norma Jean, 82, of Rices Landing, December 2.

MEYERS - Kathryn L., 90, of Clarksville, December 1.

MURPHY - Kelli V. Fortney, 50, of Carmichaels, November 25.

RUTKOSKY - Mary Jo, 91, of Carmichaels, formerly of Crucible, November 27.

SIMMS - Violet V. (Blake), 71, of Wind Ridge, November 29.

SMITH - Bryan Lee, 60, of Crucible, formerly of Wauseon, OH, November 23.

SMITH - Judy A. (Tennant), 68, of Pine Bank, November 30.

SWEENY - Judith Ann (Cumpston), 69, of Mapletown, November 22.

WILLY - Arleigh “Babe” Jr., 67, of New Freeport, November 26.

WILLIAMS - Mary Kathleen, 92, of Dilliner, November 22.

WILSON - Elva Dee Simpson, 97, of Waynesburg, November 29.

Full obituaries can be purchased and placed through the Regional Obit Center, 800-222-6397.

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