Have you ever had a crazy dream? I mean like … really crazy dream? Do you ever write down the dream? Pray about it and ask God to clarify its meaning? Often times, when my husband or I are able to recall details of a dream, we try to write it down so that we can share it with each other, reflect upon it and ask God for revelation about its meaning. Recently, I was talking with one of my staff and she shared with me the details of a dream she had. Her story inspired me to write this article.

Mia (not her real name) woke herself up screaming. She was in the middle of a dream and fighting her way out of it. She quickly fell back to sleep, only to wake up a few hours later recalling another dream. In her second dream, Mia found herself surrounded by her real-life co-workers. She recalls that although she thought she was at work, she realized the room she was in was not familiar. In the next scene, Mia recalls that she and her co-workers were in a room that was lined with wall length windows. Outside of the room was a gunman. He began rapid fire shooting at the windows. Unsure of what was going on, Mia calmly looked around to see if everyone was safe. Randy came to her and had a visible bullet wound on his arm. Mia then realized she too had been shot in the leg. A third co-worker came up to both Randy and Mia, brushed the bullets away from the wounded areas. It seemed as though the gunshots only produced superficial wounds that just needed to be brushed away with a simple flip of the wrist.

After sharing her dream with me, I asked “Mia” what did she think it meant. After reflecting, she said she felt it represented God’s covering and protection over our team during a very long season of transition. The new, unfamiliar room with familiar people represented the new season God was ushering in. The gunshots represented the multiple “attacks” and moments where we’ve felt defeated. The brushing off of the wounds (instant healing) represented God’s protection and favor. Her calm spirit meant that her faith was strong in God’s promises.

While we were discussing her dream, her fellow co-worker “Matthew” joined our conversation. Mia had already shared with Matthew her dream. Matthew had a different interpretation of the dream. His interpretation was a little more dreary to say the least. In short, he thought that the dream may have been a premonition, a foretelling of the “bullets” that we are about to encounter. He was concerned that folks who had recently transitioned (folks leaving our team — some by choice, others not so much) from our teams would retaliate in some way or that they had or could cause damage to the existing team.

One person saw faith, hope, and promises for today and tomorrow. The other person felt fear and was concerned for what possibly awaits us in the future. Isn’t it funny how we can experience an event, read a book, or hear a story and then each person has a different interpretation of what happened and/or what it means!?! I believe that there can be room for both interpretations and because I prefer to speak life, I believe in God’s promises and protection as he revealed them in the dream.

Throughout the Bible, God uses dreams to speak to his people. I believe that God still does this today. Just like Mia, God is speaking to you about something in your life. He is trying to reach you in your dreams. Are you listening? Are paying attention to your dreams? Are you praying about your dreams and then reflecting on their meaning? If not, you should. We can learn so much from our dreams. Of course we can learn what God is telling us; but we can also learn what is at the forefront of our mind and what we are thinking or worrying about.

In Mia’s dream, it was evident that she had been spending significant time and thought considering the recent changes in our teams. Some of the changes had affected her directly but most if it had nothing to do with her role or level of influence. Matthew’s interpretation of Mia’s dream had more to do with his feelings of fear and guilt related to decisions he had to make to move his team forward. As I prayed and reflected on her dream, I see that God is showing us that we are moving into a new season. In this season, some folks will stay with us and others will take a different path. Although we may feel overwhelmed and burdened by the changes, He is protecting us. We will feel the impact, but we will not be wounded by the pain. He has and will grant us peace as we continue to navigate the road ahead.

My friends, something critical is about to happen in your life — the only way that you will succeed is if you do it God’s way and pay attention to his plan. Dreams can be the road map, guiding you to the new season and new route he has for you. Think of it this way, we know how to get places at home. But when we are going a new route, a new direction, we must rely on someone who knows the path. Why not use the ultimate GPS — God’s Planning System?

Gina Watts is a former resident of Fayette County, now living in Columbus, Ohio. She serves multiple communities as an advocate, educator, and leader. Follow Gina on Twitter @professorgmarie.

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