Demolition Derby promises smashing good time at Greene County Fair

Hard-hitting, smash ‘em up action returns to the Greene County Fair on Friday, Aug. 11 with Croushore’s Championship Demolition Derby. (Photo by Brett Spitznogle)

Chances are that an event with longevity and staying power has to have something going for it.

Croushore’s Championship Demolition Derby is a perfect example. For more than 30 years, the derby has delighted fans at the Greene County Fair and this year should see a continuation of its ongoing popularity.

The engines on an assortment of full size and compact cars will rev up at the Greene County Fair starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 11 when Croushore’s Demolition Derby kicks into high gear. All entry vehicles will be eligible to crash, smash and bash their way around the track in the fierce competition that’s sure to excite the crowd.

Gordon Croushore, owner and manager of Croushore’s Championship Demolition Derbies, expects the event to be even more competitive this year than in the past. Fifty to 80 rivals from all over the tri-state area will come in to the fair’s demolition derby that’s a qualifying event for the Grand Finale scheduled for the Fayette County Fair at 5 p.m. on Sept. 9.

At stake for the Grand Finale is $15, prize money. With a prize like that on the line, the qualifying demolition derby at the Greene County Fair should be an excitingly competitive spectacle.

The event will start off in a more leisurely and serene manner. Prior to the derby kickoff, Croushore will stage an additional competition that will award a trophy to the vehicle with the best paint job.

As thrilling and exhilarating as the demolition derby is, safety is still a top concern. The minimum driving age is 16 (with parental consent), but otherwise drivers must be at least 18 years old. In addition to age restrictions, other safety measures have been put in place to reduce the risk of injury.

“A crew of experienced officials will go through the cars with a fine tooth comb to insure driver safety,” Croushore said. “They will make sure each car’s fire extinguisher is properly stored, that their gas tanks are properly mounted and that no one is ‘cheating the cars’ according to regulations so that everyone is on a fair and even playing field.”

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All vehicles entering the pit will be inspected, and participants are required to wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants and are recommended to wear a fire suit. Additionally, alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the grounds to ensure the safety of participants and audience members, as well as guaranteeing that the event remains family-friendly.

“Security guards will make sure there’s no alcohol in the pit,” Croushore said.

Drivers are required to fill out applications two to three hours prior to the event, partly because Croushore wants to make sure the safety checks are completed in time.

“Everything went well last year, and we had a great turnout, so we decided not to change anything this year,” Croushore said. “This is my fifth derby since my father, Bob, passed away on September 20, 2012. He drove the demolition derby when he was still in the 4-H club, and he and I have promoted the derby for over 30 years.”

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