Greene County Fair to host Pennsylvania WoodMobile

Pictured is the Pennsylvania WoodMobile in front of the State Capitol. The WoodMobile, which educates the public about Pennsylvania’s forests and sustainable forest management, will be one of the exhibits at the Greene County Fairgrounds Aug. 7 thru Aug. 11, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily. (Photo courtesy of the state Dept. Of Agriculture)

Take an educational walk in Penn’s Woods and learn about Pennsylvania’s nation-leading hardwoods industry through the new Pennsylvania WoodMobile, one of the exhibits at the Greene County Fairgrounds Aug. 7 thru Aug. 11, from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The visit from the WoodMobile is being sponsored by Greene Team Pellet Fuel Company, state Sen. Camera Bartolotta and state Rep. Pam Snyder.

An outreach tool of the Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council, the new WoodMobile is a cooperative effort of government and industry. The WoodMobile educates the public about Pennsylvania’s forests and sustainable forest management – securing the wood products needed today while protecting the trees of tomorrow. The mobile exhibit uses interactive activities and displays to promote the responsible use of forest resources and an understanding of the forest industry to the public.

“The WoodMobile promotes sustainable forestry and the green use of wood products,” said Wayne Bender, Hardwoods Development Specialist with the council, in a release issued by the state Department of Agricutlure. “Pennsylvania and the United States leads the world in sustainable forestry. When you buy locally grown and manufactured wood products, you help the safety of our environment and strengthen our economy.”

According to the Department of Agricutlure, Pennsylvania is home to the largest hardwoods forest in the United States, providing more than ten percent of the nation’s hardwood lumber supply. While Pennsylvania’s timber industry has accounted for more than $11.5 billion in sales annually and provides thousands of jobs, the state has more forested acres today than it did 100 years ago due to the sustainability efforts of the industry.

Within the 34-foot long WoodMobile are numerous panels showing the history and industry surrounding Pennsylvania’s forests. Interactive exhibits on leaf and wood identification and touch screens providing information about threats to the forest from invasive insects and plants capture viewer’s attention, keeping them engaged in learning about Penn’s Woods. In the front of the WoodMobile, videos show the transformation of a log from the forest to the furniture in your home.

Visitors to the WoodMobile can test their hardwood knowledge in a game by guessing which of 60 items does not contain wood. Choices include toothpaste, imitation vanilla, toilet paper, ice cream, aspirin, diet foods, film and shoe polish. All of these items contain wood or wood by-products.

Operated by the Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council in the Department of Agriculture and sponsored by the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association, the WoodMobile travels nearly 150 days per year from April to November, delivering free, educational programs to elementary and middle school students and members of the public.

Since the unveiling, the WoodMobile has exhibited at more than 715 events hosting more than one million visitors, including more than 150,000 students who participated in school programs.

For more information on the WoodMobile, including a schedule and request form, visit and search “WoodMobile.”

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