Truck Pull

Photo by Frank Scott

One of the fair's most popular forms of entertainment will return this summer. As in past years, guests can attend the Truck and Tractor Power Pulling competitions starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Saturday.

As it has every year for more than a decade, Power Pulling Productions, LLC of New Brighton is staging the competitions inside the horse track in front of the fair grandstands.

On Tuesday, August 6, the combination of roaring engines and flying dirt will feature open street diesel 4x4s, limited pro stock diesel 4x4s and pro stock 4x4 trucks. Things get even even bigger on Saturday, August 10, when Limited Pro/Super Farm Tractors get into the fray along with a wide variety of other high-powered vehicles.

The Power Pulling competitions give viewers the unique opportunity to see trucks and tractors frantically create deep rents in the 320-feet long dirt track in an attempt to pull sleds of various weights, some of which weigh as much as 60,000 pounds.

If more than one vehicle completes a full pull, more weight is added to the sleds, and the competitors will continue to complete as many full pulls as possible. The competitor who can pull the sled with the most weight is declared the winner.

"It's kind of tough to describe the sport to someone who hasn't seen it before," said Bob Blank, co-owner of Power Pulling Productions

For those who might want to see film footage of previous pulls, videos are posted on both Facebook and YouTube.

Pullers registered with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League are eligible to compete for points. At the end of the year, usually in November, the points are tallied to determine the winners of cash prizes.

"Anyone can compete in the pulls at the Greene County Fair, although they will not be eligible to accrue points," Blank said. "Only those registered with the Lucas Pro League are eligible for points. However, those not registered with Lucas will be eligible to vie for the purses awarded at the fair."

Those wishing to register can read the competition rules at

According to Blank, pullers come from all over the tri-state area and even from as far away as Virginia and New York.

"The Greene County Fair is one of the first groups to sign on with us after we started out 13 years ago," Blank said. "It's always a pleasure to come to the fair because the board members are great to work with and the audience is very enthusiastic."

Each year, June through September, Power Pulling Productions organizes around 25 pulls at fairs and events, mainly in rural areas.

Blank said they tried holding pulls in May, but they discontinued the mid spring scheduling because it rains so often.

Blank worked for other pulling companies in the past but eventually decided to form one of his own with his brother-in-law, Rusty Zahn.

"Currently, we like to do no more than 25 pulls a year, chiefly in the summer," Blank said. "The rest of the year, I just hang out and work on maintaining our equipment."

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