Crowd favorite Chris Higbee back again at Greene County Fair

To the delight of country music fans, Chris Higbee is returning to Greene County once again to perform at the Greene County Fair on Aug. 8.

For several years, Chris Higbee and his band have played the Greene County Fair much to the delight of both the fair board and the audience.

At 8 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 8, the country music artist, proficient fiddler, singer and song writer will once again take to the stage. Joining him are four other musicians, along with his wife Melissa on backup vocals and his two children, son Alex, 9, on fiddle and daughter, Lucy Bell, 6, singing and dancing.

"We love Chris because he's a great entertainer, has great rapport with with the audience and is an all-around crowd-pleaser," said Debbie Stevenson, secretary/treasurer of the Greene County Fair.

According to his Facebook biography, Higbee grew up a farm boy with a musical curiosity and a diligent mother and father. That curiosity quickly became a passion that drove his dreams. “Fiddles Rock,” the first track on Higbee’s new album, tells that story and was inspired by his late father.

Higbee founded the Poverty Neck Hillbillies (PNH) in 2000, delivering uniquely wild and energetic concerts across the country on stages, rooftops and anything else Higbee could fathom a way to play from. PNH performed for seven years before disbanding, acquiring an international fan base, distributing two records and releasing a No. 2 nationally rated video, "Mr. Right Now," starring "Big Ben" Roethlisberger starting quarter back of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to his Facebook page, Higbee has a passion for country music. He is a complete musical artist skilled in fiddle playing, singing, song writing, and playing various other instruments. His passion is deeply felt by anyone listening to his work or partaking in a live performance. His performance energy is so infectious it has been known to convert the most stubborn non-country music fan into HigBillies, his self-named fan base.

Higbee's latest album, "Super Hero," was released nine months ago The 8-track recording features the title track he and his son wrote together. Higbee wrote all of the remaining songs on the album except for "Final Curtain Call," which features a duet with Melissa.

Very active performing between 100 and 150 shows each year, Higbee said he's been playing the Greene County Fair many times over the years and that it's one of his favorite venues.

"I love it there," he said. "Be prepared to be amazed."

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