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“Why do adults play baseball?” asked Kevin Madar, president of the Washington Greene Adult Baseball League. “There’s not many other reasons than they love the game and enjoy playing.”

Madar of Nottingham Township, Washington County, said the league has two sections: 25 and over and 35 and over. Though the sections aren’t limited to players in those age ranges. Madar noted some older players compete in the younger league.

“The whole objective of the league is to give older guys the opportunity to play ball,” said John Greenlee of Clarksville. “We have a wide range of ages in the league.”

Greenlee is the former league president. He said the 25-and-over players compete in 16 to 18 double-headers throughout the season, which begins in May and ends in mid-September. The seven inning games take place on Sundays and generally start at 11 a.m. Locations range from Jefferson Morgan High School, Ringgold Field in Monongahela and Canonsburg High School.

The 35-and-over players compete in one seven inning game per week, on the weekdays. The games generally take place at the North Strabane Township Field off 519 and start at 7 or 7:30 p.m. There are about 12 games per season, which starts around 4th of July and runs into October.

“We don’t have a restrictive boundary, if a guy wants to play baseball and is willing to travel, we will (welcome him),” Greenlee said. “We have a few (players) from Greene County, several from Washington, a couple from Allegheny, Fayette and Westmoreland.”

Greenlee said the league currently has four teams in each section. The teams coordinate their own practices. The league follows the Men Senior Baseball League guidelines as its rulebook. It is a non-affiliated, wooden-bat league.

“We’re always looking to grow,” Madar said. “(We are) not against adding more people and more teams.”

Greenlee said individuals can join the league by visiting the Facebook page or contacting Greenlee at 724-288-7736. Greenlee first looks at where someone lives, since there is some traveling involved. He then considers what position they want to play since some teams are looking to fill particular positions. He handles this on a case by case basis.

Madar noted there is no deadline for registration. He’s seen players join teams mid season.

“I got involved through word of mouth from some friends,” Madar said. “It’s the opportunity to get to continue play baseball, that’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.”

Madar said the fee for participating varies depending on factors like the team’s sponsors (if any) or fundraisers through the league or the teams. The fees are handled individually by each team, but Madar said it doesn’t cost more than $100 per player.

The league plans to do a fundraiser sometime in April. In the past, Madar said, the fundraiser took place a couple weekends before the start of the 25 and over league, and was a raffle for gift baskets.

“There’s no skill level required,” Madar said. “(We’re) encouraging anyone, we’re here with open arms to bring on anyone whose willing and able.”

For more information, or to join the league, visit the Washington Greene Adult Baseball Facebook page or call John Greenlee at 724-288-7736.

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