Rather than ride off in, say, a stretch limousine, newlyweds Jay Leonard and Lilly Grooms did it their way:

Aboard Jay’s 2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

They decided on his Harley instead of hers, a Sportster, as they pulled onto Waynesburg’s East High Street and turned at South Washington for their first ride as husband and wife.

Their own take on a dream wedding started promptly at 2 p.m. April 24 outside of the Greene County Courthouse, with Alma Gray, Jay’s sister, officiating. His father, Jay Sr., and Lilly’s mother, Mary Marion, stood by their side as they exchanged vows in front of an enthusiastic group of family members and friends, most of whom dressed for the occasion in gear representing the motorcycle that made Milwaukee famous.

One exception was the bride, who celebrated her nuptials in a traditional gown and veil, holding a neatly arranged bouquet and frequently flashing a scintillating smile as she and Jay Jr. tied the knot in an otherwise unconventional manner.

“Everybody’s up for it,” Jay Jr. said prior to ceremony. “Everybody’s always looking for a reason to ride.”

The Waynesburg resident has been riding for 40 or so years, starting on a Honda Trail Z50.

On his Street Glide, he and Lilly led a procession that eventually led to a reception full of favorites for feasting and possibly a beverage or two.

Although the weather forecast leading up to the special day was somewhat on the foreboding side, precipitation held off until well after the wedding.

Jay, though, said he wasn’t worried about possibilities along those lines.

“If there’s a 90% chance it’s going to rain,” he observed, “there’s a 10% chance it won’t.”

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