On Thursday, Aug. 8, Carmichaels Area School District board of directors had its last meeting before the beginning of the 2019-20 school year. During the 20-minute session, directors approved resignations and new hires, as well as other details regarding the forthcoming year.

The new hires included a Grade 3 teacher, a long-term Grade 5 substitute, an extra football coach position, an assistant football coach position and a school police officer position. The resignations accepted by the board included M. Silverthorn, PCA, and T. Sandala, extra football coach.

During the transportation and building/grounds item of the agenda, the board of directors approved the new driver and bus routes lists.

The school district switched bus companies from the school year, moving from First Student to STA, Student Transportation of America. However, all the bus drivers were retained, therefore, the routes stayed the same as the previous year.

“Our business manager, secretaries and bus manager work together to route the buses for all of the students,” said Superintendent Fred Morecraft. “We do separate bus runs for the high school and the elementary so that students on the buses are around the same age group.”

In other remarks, Morecraft noted the Carmichaels Envirothon won 3rd place at the 2019 NCF-International Envirothon competition. The school is working on a celebration for the students before the school year begins.

Classes at the Carmichaels Area School District begin on Wednesday, August 28.

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