Carmichaels High School class of '69 meets for 50 year reunion

Seated - John T. Stone, Beverly (Waggett) Kipfer, Ann (Titus) Bargerstock, Bernadette (Berardi) Kramer, Ruby (Crow) Walters, Jerry May, Larry Pratt. First Row Standing - Cynthia Thomas, Candy (Bandish) Benford, Connie Malik, Donna (Haines) Zwerver, Barbara (DeHaas) Bocchini, Kristin Knnison, Erwana (Cox) Andrews, Joyce (English) Fortney, Mary Sue (Christopher) Preissner, John Rumancik, Bridgett Hathaway, Gary Varesko, Dave Reid. Second Row Standing- Lila (Minnick) Kliot, Karen (Hillsman) Lynch, Susan (Hockenberry) Brioli, Carla (Rodavich) Paull, Mary (Hartley) Zimmerman, Barbara (Pavel) Alvarez, Judy (Pratt) Hamilton, David Morgan, Frank Lukacs, Ed Begovich, Craig Baily. Back Row Standing - Donna (Kerr) Waine, Ed Czyzewski, Diana Kerr, Joe Mitchell, Denny Blaker, Tom Pavel, Dave Phillips, Bob Mitchell, Mike Cvetan, Floyd Carter, Pete Maruska, Tom Gency.

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