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The Community Foundation of Greene County has announced a new fund established to address local needs resulting from emergency and disaster situations in Greene County.

A release issued by CFGC earlier this week stated that the Greene County Emergency Response Fund will be held by CFGC as “a quick response” fund to address immediate, short-term and long-term needs in the wake of a county emergency.

The release states that the purpose of the Greene County Emergency Response Fund is to provide flexible grants and resources to nonprofit organizations in the area working with communities (people and organizations) who are heavily impacted by local disasters and emergencies.

Grants made to health and human service organizations will help ensure that basic needs are met, including food, housing, and healthcare, according to the release.

Bettie Stammerjohn, CFGC Executive Director, said grants made from the fund may be used for operating support so organizations have the capacity to provide services in a quick and orderly fashion, as well as direct relief for individuals and families. The fund will not make grants to individuals.

“Because this fund is designed to help the community, we plan to partner with other Greene County organizations and businesses to set up a community response team to review and act on requests for grants from this fund,” Stammerjohn said. “We want this to be a joint effort.”

The fund will have an easy and short grant application, which is designed to provide quick and responsive grants that meet identifiable and urgent needs resulting from an emergency situation.

A short application process will be available online, using a link on the CFGC website next week after the grant review committee is established.

Stammerjohn said CFGC will be use initial gifts to address local needs caused by the COVID-19 virus. Reports will be provided to donors about grants made and the impact of the fund.

Should, in the unlikely event, donations exceed the COVID-19 needs, remaining funds will be used to address future emergency and disaster needs in Greene County.

The Greene County Emergency Response Fund started with a $10,000 discretionary grant, along with a $5,000 gift from the James and Jackie Campbell Family Fund. The Foundation will waive its normal management fee for all contributions to this fund.

“Our board wanted to get this fund started, but we know it will take the entire community to make meaningful grants,” said Jeff McCracken, Chairman of the CFGC Board of Directors. “Additional donations to the Greene County Emergency Response Fund will allow our community, as a whole, to better prepare for and respond to emergencies by providing flexibility to meet both immediate and future needs that might not otherwise be addressed.”

Individuals and businesses may make gifts to support the Greene County Emergency Response Fund. Contributions to the fund may be made online using the Donate button on the CFGC website,, or by checks made out to the “Community Foundation of Greene County” and noting “Greene County Emergency Response Fund” on the memo line. Checks should be mailed to CFGC, PO Box 768, Waynesburg, PA 15370.

For more information, contact CFGC by phone at 724-627-2010 or email

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