Greene County has been playing musical chairs with its departments’ offices in the last few months, but according to officials, they’re all landing in the rights spaces.

According to Jeff Marshall, the county’s chief clerk, the county had discussed changing things around last year. He said moving the Veterans Affairs Office to the basement of the county building on High Street was the “most critical,” as they’ll now be next to Southwestern Pennsylvania Area Agency on Aging.

“It’s nice those two departments will be able to complement each other’s services,” Marshall said. “We started moving the veterans office last week. In order to move them, the other dominoes had to move into place.”

Coroner Gene Rush will be taking over the space in the Ben Franklin building. Formerly, the coroner’s “office” was in a hallway with no storage space.

“Gene had requested an office presence,” Marshall said.

The basement space that the veterans are taking over had been occupied by county public defender Harry Cancelmi’s office, which was moved to a space in the first floor of the county courthouse vacated by the county’s Domestic Relations and Probation offices. Those offices moved to the building on the corner of High and Washington streets, which used to house Career Link.

Career Link had moved to Greene Plaza in Franklin Township in 2017, leaving that county-owned space available for growing departments. In a news release, Commissioner Dave Coder said that move “opened up valuable real estate that we knew the county could use for departments needing additional office space.”

One of those departments is Children and Youth Services, as their caseload and programs have grown. Marshall said they were mandated by the state to expand CYS space due to the number of caseworkers and clients they have. Their office will now have the entire second floor of the Fort Jackson Building on Washington Street.

“Additional space is needed by CYS as the program continues to provide more and more necessary services to children and families,” Commissioner Blair Zimmerman said in a news release.

Marshall said most of the moves have already been completed and he hopes to have the rest done by the end of this month. He said county employees did the move and any painting or carpeting that needed to be updated in the offices. He said no major remodeling was done during the moves.

“The commissioners just wanted to make it easier for the public and for things to run more smoothly for those departments,” Marshall said.

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