The following property transfers have been recorded in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds office the week of May 27:

Cumberland Township

Tracey Titus, et ux., to Benjamin C. Chesslo, et ux., Lot, $317,894.00 (5-19-21)

Jo Ann Wright Estate aka Jo Anne Wright Estate A/K/A Joanne Wright Estate, et al., to Travis Corso, Tract, $140,000.00 (5-20-21)

George E. Smoody, et ux., to Jerry Stewart, et ux., House Lot 65, Garage Lot 183 in Nemacolin, $2,500.00 (5-24-21)

David Wayne Everly, et al., to Debora A. Skolenkovich, et ux., Lots 30-31 in Fairdale Plan, $129,000.00 (5-24-21)

Robert D. Gray, et ux., to Jeremy Herod, et ux., Lot 284 in Crucible, $50,000.00 (5-25-21)

Dunkard Township

Richard L. Darr, et ux., to Richard Carey, et ux., Tract, $1,000.00 (5-19-21)

Franklin Township

Gerald Fontana, et ux., to Wesley E. Cranmer, Jr., $385,000.00 (5-19-21)

Margaret R. Thorne, et ux., to Robert Humphreys, et ux., Lot 173 in West Waynesburg Plan, $12,000.00 (5-24-21)

Margaret Thorne, et ux., to Robert Humphreys, et ux., Lot 171 in West Waynesburg Plan, $5,000.00 (5-24-21)

Jefferson Township

Steven A. Clark, et ux., to Wendell R. Bates, Lots Morth View Terrace Plan, $300,000.00 (5- 25-21)

Monongahela Township

Joann Eicholtz, et ux., to Alexander D. Iadanza, Tract, $129,900.00 (5-24-21)

Morgan Township

239 2nd Street Trust to Brady A. Pears, Lot 239 in Mather, $136,000.00 (5-19-21)

Morris Township

Cassidy N. Baer by Guardian, et ux., to EQT Production Company, 8 Tracts, O&G, $583.79 (5-19-21)

Perry Township

Kelle DeFanzio Kelley A/K/A Kelle Jones to James Henry Rice, Jr., Tract, $222,000.00 (5-20-21)

Springhill Township

Rhonda McMasters to JMR-2K LLC, et al., 2 Tracts, O&G, $1,000.00 (5-20-21)

Lisa Murray to JMR-2K LLC, et al., 2 Tracts, O&G, $1,000.00 (5-20-21)

Ronald L. McMasters to JMR-2K LLC, et al., 2 Tracts, O&G, $1,000.00 (5-20-21)

Washington Township

Mark C. Good, Jr., to Mineral Advance LLC, Tract, O&G, $8,000.00 (5-24-21)

Waynesburg Borough

Steven W. Bowes to Shelley L. Christy, 2 Tracts, $120,559.20 (5-21-21)

George O. Taylor, Jr., et ux., to Michael G. Pikula, et ux., Tract, $15,000.00 (5-21-21)

Jonathan Graham, et ux., to BSP Properties LLC, Lot 82, $235,000.00 (5-21-21)

The following property transfers have been recorded in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds office the week of June 3:

Aleppo Township

Joshua W. Garner, et ux., to William J. Lewandowsky, Jr., et ux., Tract, $183,000.00 (6-1-21)

Aleppo and Richhill Townships

James Benjamin Bauer aka James B. Bauer, et ux., to The Mineral Company, 3 Tracts, O&G, $6,844.42 (5-28-21)

Cumberland Township

Haley Sanner, et ux., to Mia Furmanek, et ux., 1.222 Acres, $105,000.00 (5-27-21)

Robert L. Swestyn by Agent, et al., to Mitchell L. Ring, Sr., 4.141 Acres, $60,000.00 (5-27-21)

Robert M. Mcalanis, Jr., et ux., to Jeffrey Blackburn, et ux., Lot 222 in Crucible, $38,000.00 (5-28-21)

Debra M. Chain, et al., to Eugene S. Walker, Lots 189-191 in Colonial Heights Addition, $150,000.00 (5-28-21)

Dunkard Township

Robert B. Perry, et ux., to Patrick Zorik, Lot 11 in Delansky Plan, $500.00 (5-27-21)

Franklin Township

William Lee Watson to John A. Throckmorton, et ux., Lots 16-17 in Oak Ridge Plan, $225,000.00 (5-26-21)

Delmont F. Rush Estate, et ux., to Barron Agency Inc, .255 Acre, $179,450.00 (6-1-21)

Freeport Township

Rickie Jolliff to EQT Production Company, .50 Acre, O&G, $945.00 (5-28-21)

Jackson Township

Randy A. King, et ux., to Firas Nusire, 10 Acres, $96,500.00 (5-28-21)

Jefferson Township

Andrew M. Higinbotham to Phillip A. Zack, Lot 8 in Second Addition Grand View, $168,000.00 (5-27-21)

Nenamosha King to Marko Demaske, Lots 6-7 in Second Addition Grand View, $12,000.00 (5-27-21)

Morgan Township

Rose Dipasquale to Purri D. Morris, Lot 8 in Emerald Land Company No. 1, $44,000.00 (5-26-21)

Perry Township

The Old Palace LTD, et ux., to Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company, R/W, 21 Acres, $26,000.00 (6-1-21)

Richhill Township

Robert F. Loranger, Jr., et ux., to Adam C. Stokes, et ux., 2 Tracts, $85,663.50 (5-27-21)

Springhill Township

Richard Dean Riggs, et al., to The Mineral Company, 68.134 Acres, O&G, $13,172.02 (5-28-21)

Gerald S. Areford, et ux., to The Mineral Company, 47 1⁄2 Acres, O&G, $13,359.38 (5-28-21)

Springhill and Aleppo Townships

182 Holdings LLC to AMP IV LP, 25.0975 Acres, O&G, $131,761.88 (5-26-21)

Springhill and Freeport Townships

VES Land LLC to Three Rivers Royalty LLC, 2 Tracts, O&G, $21,544.66 (6-1-21)

Washington Township

Bobbi Jean Hopes to Brandon Barna, .54 Acre, $3,000.00 (5-26-21)

Wayne Township

Brian J. Schager, et ux., to EQM Gathering OPCO LLC, 8.30 Acres, $95,000.00 (5-26-21)

Waynesburg Borough

Diane D. Francis aka Diane M. Francis to Paige Shultz, Lots in Hillcrest Plan, $140,000.00 (5-26-21)

James R. Woodring to David C. Coder, et al., Lot, $50,000.00 (5-27-21)

Greene Co Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Terry Galloway Jr., et ux., Lots, $50,314.27 (5-28-21)

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