Greene County Messenger

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) awarded a total of $322,307 in state grants to entities in Greene and Fayette counties to help victims of crime and support one county’s drug court, state Rep. Pam Snyder announced on Sept. 13.

The following victim service providers received Victims of Crime Act funding from PCCD at its recent quarterly commission meeting:

Greene County: The C.A.R.E Center, $29,750; Fayette County: Domestic Violence Services of Southwestern PA, $87,106 and Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services, $55,451.

In addition, Greene County received $150,000 in federal funds from PCCD to support its adult drug court.

Drug courts, one of several problem-solving courts in Pennsylvania, work via a partnership with prosecutors, public defenders and other criminal justice system personnel with offenders who have successfully completed drug treatment programs and abstained from the behaviors that had originally led them into the criminal justice system.

“These funds will allow our local victim services organizations to continue their vital and life-sustaining services and support to help victims of crime heal,” Snyder said. “I’m also pleased to support Greene County’s efforts to reducing future crime through the use of its adult drug court. These courts have been effective in curbing recidivism by providing offenders with the long-term quality recovery they need to ensure their success, once they reintegrate into society following their sentence.”

PCCD provides planning, coordination and technical assistance to the state’s criminal justice system and serves as a clearinghouse for state and federal grants to support criminal and juvenile justice efforts, including victims of crime.

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