Lifelong resident to open Waynesburg steakhouse

Brady Gaines, a lifelong county resident, poses in the bar section of Brady’s Roadhouse, formerly Buddy’s in Bucktown. He said the bar and steakhouse will have a rustic interior, with accents like the raw edge wooden counter seen here. (Photo by Samantha Karam)

Brady Gaines of Jackson Township has lived in Greene County his whole life.

He graduated from West Greene High School in 1991 and, in spring 2018, opened G&H Sporting Goods in Waynesburg. On January 10, he purchased a second local business: Buddy’s in Bucktown.

“Waynesburg has a need for a respectable, fun place that serves good food without leaving town for it,” he said. “I wanted to give the community a place where a family could sit down together and have a nice evening out.”

Upon purchasing Buddy’s, which he renamed Brady’s Roadhouse, Gaines immediately got to work. He is currently renovating the space to offer a 23-room motel, bar and family-friendly steakhouse.

“(The restaurant) will serve locally sourced products for the most part. We will have everything from top quality steaks, grilled salmon, ribs, crab cakes and a variety of choices,” Gaines said. “We also plan on having a Wild Game Night with exotic meats every couple months.”

The bar is currently open Sunday through Wednesday from 3 p.m. to midnight and Thursday through Saturday from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The steakhouse restaurant will open in about 5 months, Gaines estimates. The hours of operation will be seven days a week from 10 a.m-9 p.m. Once the restaurant opens, the bar will have the same hours.

“Our vision is a family-friendly steakhouse that is affordable and (offers) top-quality meals. We also will be having entertainment on a regular basis,” Gaines said. “We really want to focus on the community. We are a big supporter of local organizations and (will) hold local fundraisers to support all different types of groups.”

Some of Gaines’ plans for the space include car shows, bike nights, parking lot concerts, DJ’s and live bands.

“Business has been great,” Gaines said. “We are staying open during renovations, so it is challenging at times, but our customers have adjusted to all the changes.”

His team includes his girlfriend, Shannon, who helps with administrative tasks, and several family and friends, who are helping Gaines with the cleaning and renovations.

He said he has enough bartenders to cover the shifts, but is looking to hire staff (hostesses, waiters, cooks) for the restaurant. If interested in a position, find a link to the application on Brady’s Roadhouse’s Facebook page.

“We will be looking at a staff between 15-20 when it is all said and done,” Gaines said.

At the time of publication, Gaines said he’s completed the back area, with a bar and list of drink specials. It can also be reserved for private parties. Additionally, Gaines completed renovations on a conference room, which fits up to 25 people and is rigged to offer PowerPoint meetings. Gaines said the restrooms, kitchen and bar will be fully completed in the next couple months.

“I’ve only had this place for two weeks,” he said with a chuckle.

According to Gaines, all 23 motel rooms are accepting guests and have been cleaned thoroughly and plans to update the motel rooms with fresh paint and new furniture. Currently, three of the rooms are occupied. He offers daily, weekly and monthly rates.

“We have had a ton of input over the last couple months from local community members and they are all excited about a steakhouse opening in Waynesburg,” Gaines said. “When people do not have to leave town to go to dinner they are more apt of also (visiting) other local shops in the area so it is a win for everyone.”

For more information, visit Brady’s Roadhouse on Facebook. To learn about motel rates or to make a reservation call 724-627-8129.

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