Shipman sentenced

Robert Allan Shipman of New Freeport walks out of the courtroom of Greene County Judge Farley Toothman during a break in his sentencing hearing on June 15. The former owner of Allan’s Waste Water Service and Tri-County Waste Water Management, Inc. pleaded guilty to illegally dumping millions of gallons of waste water in different Pennsylvania counties over the last six years and from illegally charging customers when he improperly dumped the waste. (Photo by Roberto Esquivel)

WAYNESBURG — A Greene County judge was moved to tears Friday as he sentenced a local businessman to probation for illegally dumping thousands of gallons of wastewater across the region and defrauding 17 companies and many area municipalities from 2003 through 2009.

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Shipman said he's "sorry for the pollution stuff...stuff???....his company caused....Give be a break!!! Him and that judge should BOTH go to jail!!![angry]

Wake up Amerika!!!!


Moved to tears, Judge Toothman? Well, I'm moved to tears that you give a pass to a man who has negatively impacted our precious drinking water to make a dishonest buck. How many children will contract cancer as a result of this man's crimes, Judge Toothman? Will you be weeping tears for them?

This criminal's personal challenges have nothing whatsoever to do with this matter, and are wholly irrelevant to his repayment of debt to society. Not one of us is without tragedies. Not one. By that standard, the prisons would be empty.

Evidently Mr. Shipman hasn't had enough tragedy to prevent him from hiring expensive psychologists and lawyers to provide the judge with a flimsy basis for this ridiculous decision. We all should suffer so.

You claimed that Shipman has a fear of going to prison, Dr. Crabtree? Really?! Brilliant! This begs the question: do criminals at your bench often receive probation if they claim that they're afraid of prison, Judge Toothman? Again, by that standard, prisons would be empty.

What of dissuading the next polluter, Judge Toothman? Why wouldn't the next filthy criminal just say he had a memory lapse, and expect merely a severe scolding instead of jail time?

The public should demand a full investigation of this heinous decision. It stinks to high heaven.

It is a dark day for all in Greene County who drink water.

Sarah Jumel

Judge Toothman? While you are spending the bribe, consider that God made those creeks and forests and He is going to remember your utter worthlessness. You are a despicable excuse for the judiciary. The cancers that will be inflicted by these poisons will be remembered and laid at your door for you were supposed to punish those responsible and you did not. Perhaps your relations won't be struck but those whose relations are will remember you (and Shipman and his filthy souled family) with the contempt you deserve. You'll get yours, now or later.

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