On June 28, acting Greene County maintenance manager Dale Baird, announced the following tentative work plan for the week of July 1. All maintenance activities are conducted on a weather-permitting basis. Motorists should drive with caution throughout all work areas and be alert for signed work zones requiring the usage of headlights.

Vegetation management is planned for various routes, in Dunkard and Washington Townships.

Spray patching is planned for I-79 in Washington, Franklin, Whitely, and Perry Townships. Also, to include route 21 in Cumberland Township.

Drainage improvement is planned along route 88 in Monongahela Township and Cumberland Townships.

Bridge flushing is scheduled for state route 18,19 and 21.

Bridge Crew is continuing a bridge replacement project on SR 3020 (Bristoria Road), segment 0020. Detour in place – follow PA 18 to SR 3007 (Delphene Road) to SR 3020 (Bristoria Road) in Jackson Township.

Slide Crew will be repairing a slide on SR 3007 (Whitehorn Road). Detour in place – follow SR 3007 to SR 3022 to SR 4005 to SR 4004 to SR3007, Richhill Township.

Boom mowing on various routes; Center, Richhill and Gray Townships.

PENNDOT has a 24-hour toll free number for residents to call to report any road maintenance concerns. This number can also be utilized to report locations of dead deer on state highways. The number is 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623).

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