The Greene County Salary Board approved hirings, resignations and other motions during its Nov. 18 meeting, including the retirement of the redevelopment authority’s executive director.

David Calvario, who was employed as RDA executive director since 2015, announced last month he accepted the position of executive director of the Community Foundation of Greene County. He replaces Bettie Stammerjohn, who announced earlier this year she would retire at the end of October.

The salary board also approved several motions in the children and youth services department, including the resignation of Amy Anderson, regular full-time Administrative Assistant II, effective Nov. 12; the termination of Patsy Roberts, regular full-time Caseworker I, effective Oct. 19; and the promotions of Brooke Core and Margaret Keruskin to regular full-time casework supervisor, both effective Nov. 8.

For the district attorney’s office, the board approved the termination of Ricardo Cicconi, regular part-time assistant district attorney, effective Oct. 22; and the hiring of Melissa Howard as regular full-time Legal Secretary 1, effective Oct. 25.

For emergency management services, the board approved the resignation of Patricia Ricciuti, regular full-time 911 Telecommunicator I, and the hiring of William Flenniken as temporary 911 Coordinator, both effective Oct. 26.

For courts, the board accepted the resignation of Alexis Carpeal, regular full-time court recorder, effective Oct. 12; approved the hiring of Rachel Gustic as regular full-time law clerk, effective Oct. 18, 2021; and approved the resignation of Robin Teagarden, regular full-time Administrative Assistant I, effective Oct. 22.

Under human services, the salary board approved the transfer of Eric Greaves to regular full-time housing caseworker, effective Nov. 8; administered the transfer of Donna Calvert to regular full-time forensic re-entry specialist effective Nov. 1 and Whitney Davis to regular full-time housing caseworker effective Nov. 8.

For the county jail, the board accepted the resignation of Jeanette Kelly, regular full-time LPN, effective Nov. 13; administered the promotion of Zackery Phillips to regular full-time Lieutenant effective Oct. 24 and Misty Lewis to regular full-time food service supervisor, both effective Oct. 24; and approved the hiring of Robert Rush as casual corrections officer effective Nov. 8.

The salary board also approved the hiring of Christopher Vavala as casual deputy for the sheriff’s office, effective Oct. 26; and approved the resignation of Deanna Renner, casual assessment appeals board member for the tax assessment office, effective Oct. 28.

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