Greene County residents can now obtain a concealed carry license by visiting the sheriff’s office website.

Sheriff Marcus Simms said county residents can now apply for gun permits by visiting Applicants can follow the link to the sheriff’s office license to carry permits page.

This service is provided by Permitium at no additional cost to taxpayers, Simm said. An additional credit card fee and convenience fee of $5 is assessed to the permit applicant at their time of checkout for utilizing the resource.

This service, Simm said, enables the applicant to pay online and be notified when the permit is completed. Applicants must then visit the office to have their ID confirmed and photo taken.

“This system will expedite the process by not having the applicant wait or come back later in the event that the state background check system is running slow or down, which has become a common occurrence,” said Simms, who added the sheriff’s office will continue to offer permits at the office without the additional $5 charge for applicants who prefer to apply in person.

To apply for a permit in person, visit the sheriff’s office at the county courthouse. Applicants will need to pay $20 by cash or check, and provide photo identification, two references and a completed permit form.

The office also continues to offer late-night hours on the third Thursday of every month by appointment for in-person permit applications or to pick up completed online permits. To schedule an appointment. call the sheriff’s office at 724-852-5218.

“This system will give additional convenience to the residents of Greene County, enabling them to apply from their house when they have time and get their permit without the wait,” Simms said.

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