Science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics (STEAM) cover a broad range of interests. Students considering a career in one of these areas can attend an informative educational experience at Waynesburg University during the fourth annual STEAM camp.

Open to those who will enter grades 9, 10, 11 or 12 this fall, the camp will run from Sunday, July 21, to Thursday, July 25 with a registration deadline of Friday, June 28.

The cost of the camp is $300 and includes instruction, all camp activities, lodging in the University’s upperclassmen residence halls and hot, buffet-style meals throughout the entirety of the camp. Students will be assigned to rooms with double occupancy or to three person suites. To register, visit Waynesburg University’s website.

“Participants will take a total of seven, two-hour long classes over a five day period,” said Sarah Bell, the university’s coordinator of academic communications and study abroad. “We’ll also include an evening program and a fun activity each night...although this year’s activities have not yet been firmed up.”

Past programs, according to Bell have included Geocaching, 3-D printing, a walk along Unity Trail and a musical session while fun activities have included campfires, movie nights and game nights.

The camp is limited to 32 participants who will take two courses as a group. The group courses are a mathematics session and rapid prototyping, problem solving activities offered by the university’s Entrepreneurial Hub or eHive.

For the remainder of their five courses, two sessions will be offered at the same time and students will be able to pick the session they want until it is full. The a maximum of students per course is 16. The courses are filled on a first come, first served basis, and students will be assigned to the remaining second session once one fills up.

This year’s sessions include genetics or digital animation; microscopy and microbiology or biomedical topics; science fiction versus science fact or journey

into the chemistry lab; biochemistry or physiology and animal disease or skeletal anatomy.

“Professors from the various university departments will teach the sessions, and students will have the opportunity to ask questions about the field they’re interested in pursuing,” Bell said.

The camp also includes a field trip to the IU1 Fab Lab in Waynesburg.

According to the IU1 website the Fab Lab is a technical platform for STEM education, workforce development and business idea prototyping. Students have the opportunity to explore the entire engineering design process in authentic and real world contexts by providing tools that enable them to go from concept to drawing, models to prototype, and redesign to final product.

The IU1 Fab Lab gives students the tools to develop the practical and critical thinking skills they will need to be the inventors and innovators of our future. The lab serves as a motivational environment to encourage student engagement with technology.

The STEAM camp is open to students from anywhere and is not limited to just those from Greene County.

“The camp gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the field they might be interested in, learn about topics they wouldn’t be studying in high school, narrow down their field of interest, get a taste of campus life and build relationships with other students who have a similar interest,” Bell said.

For more information, email Sarah Bell at or phone 724-852-7790.

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