Startable Greene County, a six-week program for Greene County teens focused on entrepreneurship and the development of ‘maker’ skills, will be offered through Innovation Works on the campus of Waynesburg University this summer.

Through the program, students between the ages of 13 and 19 will have the opportunity to design, prototype, build, brand, market and sell their hardware products. Interested students should apply online at

“We’re excited to have this level of collaboration from so many organizations to provide a wonderful opportunity to inspire young entrepreneurs in our area,” said Waynesburg University President Douglas G. Lee. “Since the launch of our Entrepreneurial Leadership and eHIVE programs, directed by Dr. Melinda Walls, we have created a number of initiatives with excellent learning experiences. This is the latest exciting endeavor, and I am deeply appreciative of those involved.”

Waynesburg University recently launched the eHIVE, an Entrepreneurial Hub for Innovative Ventures and Endeavors, which is a co-curricular, innovative hub focused on the practice of entrepreneurial leadership through individual coaching, workshops, competitions and speakers. The University’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program focuses on the study and practice of entrepreneurial leadership in the academic setting through a cross-campus minor and selected courses.

Startable Greene County will focus on innovative technology tracks. Students will work in teams with mentors to help them with business structure and project management while subject-matter experts will help students engineer and commercialize a product in agricultural technology, additive manufacturing, internet of things, e-textiles or arts-tech.

“The program engages teens with technology, business, engineering and startup experience, which prepares them for future personal and professional growth – whether that’s owning their own business or gaining other transferable skills learned through entrepreneurship,” said Staci Offutt, Startable’s program associate.

Students will create a prototype using additive manufacturing processes, 3D modeling and engineering. They will also develop their products’ packaging and marketing materials, learning to sell, present, network and acquire funding for their business concepts – all skills that are applicable in real world scenarios. The Startable program also helps students tap into Innovation Work’s network of startups, community partners and manufacturers, many of which provide internships.

The program will culminate in a community event Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, featuring live product demonstrations, video presentations, crowdfunding campaign displays, a pitch competition and an award ceremony. Students will compete to win prize money in the pitch competition.

The Startable program is made possible by the corporate support of Chevron Appalachia, EQT, Equitrans and the Grable Foundation.

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