Crouse School House restoration project moving forward

The ongoing project to restore the historic Crouse School House — which stands along Route 21 near Rogersville — began last fall. The original bell tower was taken down to be restored and the roof was badly in need of repairs. (Photo by Brett Spitznogle)

Things are moving along with the historic Crouse Schoolhouse on Route 21 near Rogersville.

According to Buzz Walters, who works closely with the renovation efforts, West Penn Power has installed an electricity transformer on the building, which also now has a breaker box.

All the original desks were sanded and painted with a preservative solution. The restoration team still needs to install the rest of the electrical setup, such as lights and switches, and the team of volunteers is in the process of installing a new porch.

“We are also looking to finish the wiring and to put in the heat and air conditioning,” Walters said. “All this takes money and we are, again, asking for donations. We thank all for previous donations. We couldn’t have gotten this far (without the help).”

Once the building is restored Walters said he will focus on what the building will be used for, but can’t speak to when the building will be completed.

“We are working on getting everything done so we can make a decision on all that,” he said. “I gotta concentrate on getting everything done.”

To donate to the Crouse Schoolhouse Restoration Fund, contact Buzz Walters at 724-499-5332 or 724-499-5348. Donations can be mailed to Buzz Walters, Box 376, Rogersville, PA 15359.

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