Robert Salosky

Robert Salosky (Photo courtesy of Waynesburg University’s website)

Pharos Resources, LLC has selected Robert Salosky of Waynesburg University as the recipient of the 2019 Pharos Lighthouse Award--Outstanding Data & Applications Professional. He is being recognized for his commitment and outstanding work to support relational retention.

Waynesburg has been a Pharos partner for the past 9 years. Brian Carr, Director of the Center for Student Success and Disability Services, has been directing the Pharos 360 program on campus for the last 7 years and has grown the program from a single office initiative to broad campuswide adoption.

Salosky, the applications training and support specialist at Waynesburg became the point person for the Pharos data integration in April of this year. Carr has requested strategic reporting data be incorporated in the Pharos for several years but had no forward movement on the project.

Within two months of Salosky being assigned to the project, this necessary SIS data was being sent into the system for the first time in the nine-year partnership with Pharos.

“A lot of what (Salosky) did was self-initiated. Once he inherited this EXTRA project, he could have sat on his hands,” Carr said. “But he didn’t.”

Pharos states that because of Salosky’s commitment to the Waynesburg IT mission statement, specifically “daily collaboration, communication and timely delivery of services to our faculty, staff, students, and alumni,” the Waynesburg community is positioned to more easily identify their most at-risk students and to analyze the efficacy of their student support programs.

Pharos Resources, LLC is a leading provider of early alert software and relational retention best practice consulting to the higher education market.

To find out more about the 2019 Lighthouse Award winners, visit

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