Waynesburg University welcomes new students

Waynesburg University’s 2021-22 academic school year officially began on Aug. 20, with its annual matriculation ceremony, Pictured is the university’s Class of 2025, with President Doug Lee and his wife in front.

Waynesburg University’s 2021-22 academic school year officially began Aug. 20 with the university’s annual matriculation ceremony.

President Douglas G. Lee and other university leaders welcomed the freshman class during the ceremony in Roberts Chapel.

This year, many students had an atypical college-search process, which included virtual tour experiences. Waynesburg University launched its own virtual tour in early 2021. Students found their way to Waynesburg from California, Texas, Tennessee and 16 other states.

During the ceremony, Lee encouraged the Class of 2025 to practice perseverance, citing examples of the university’s early students and leaders faithfully persevering amid hardships. Lee said the incoming class has already demonstrated its ability to adapt throughout the pandemic.

“Our mission is to educate you to make connections between faith, learning and serving so that you might live a life of purpose for the glory of God,” said Lee. “It is about doing our best to prepare you to have a successful career, and in that process, think and learn about the broader implications of faith in God and service to humanity and how a life of purpose connects all three. You are the great hope of the future.”

Lanny Frattare, assistant professor of communication, and Doug Wilson, lecturer of communication, announced each student’s name during the matriculation ceremony.

Matriculation marked the beginning of a weekend organized to introduce freshmen to their new home at the university. The incoming class met with faculty, participated in activities that allowed them to meet other new students and attended numerous informational meetings.

“We are truly blessed that our strong dedication to our mission has brought a wonderful new group of students to our campus community,” said Jackie Palko, director of undergraduate and graduate admissions. “We are all excited for them to embrace Waynesburg as their home away from home.”

More than $10 million in aid was awarded to the incoming class.

On Aug. 21, new students also participated in service projects on campus and across the county. Service sites include the Eva K. Bowlby Library, First Presbyterian Church, Greene County Historical Society, Lion’s Club Park, Servant Song, the Unity Trail, United Way and 2nd Sam 9 in Waynesburg.

Freshmen moved into their residence halls Aug. 19, and upperclassmen moved into residence halls Aug. 21-22. Classes began Aug. 23.

The matriculation ceremony as well as all new student orientation programming was held in compliance with the Keep Waynesburg Well Plan, which is the university’s health and safety plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Keep Waynesburg Well Plan guided the in-person 2020-21 academic year and has been updated for the current academic year.

For more information on the plan, visit waynesburg.edu/keepwaynesburgwell.

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