All too often we seek a “moment” from God to do something for us, but the more likely scenario is that God is wanting us to join the fight for ourselves, to defend the Faith and ourselves.

He informs us to put on the full armor of God, (2 Cor 10:4 and Eph 6:13-18.) in which a sword is included. A sword signifies fighting, a fight that may get us wounded, receiving scars, and exhausted.

In the Western Christian church, we are too coddled and feel too entitled to make a sincere effort, which would require sacrifice and suffering.

Our mindset is that the Battle is the Lord’s. So, therefore, let Him do it. However, God includes those that are His and He may be wanting to give us direction on how to proceed.

Imagine fighting for your deliverance, your freedom from bondage and sin, your independence. Looming in the background is the pain of resistance. As we resist temptation, it becomes harder and harder to deny what the mind or body wants to do as the Spirit man feels the fight becoming more painful.

Suffering through self-denial is really sin withdrawal.

Like a tech junkie having his electronics removed, or a drug addict without his needed fix, or smoker who’s recently quit having to stare down a nicotine fit.

The torment and stress becomes more acute until a threshold is reached that crosses over the soul barrier like a seesaw with near equal weights that finally totters back to its starting point.

While we wait for something to happen, we suffer in bondage, hurt, sin and our faith witness bears fruit like a barren tree. In the meantime, we should be fighting and driving the enemy back out of our lives, our family, church, community and culture.

Instead we envision a Utopian happening or magic cure. While honestly, we hold the truth of deliverance, healing and miracles as God’s prerogative and can prayerfully ask holding onto that faith segment, simultaneously, we must take up our spiritual armor and fight the good fight, every day (1 Tim 6:12).

Every Christian can pray, fast, speak God’s word, worship, refuse worldly adventures or experiences, deny themselves, seek counsel or ask for help. But when it becomes hard, or sacrificial, we tend to draw some lines of which we give in instead of putting out.

If Christians can be patriotic for the armed services of their country, which we should be, why can’t we be patriotic and supportive of the spiritual army of our Heavenly home? (Rev 19:14).

The reminder in all this comes down to a simple truth: We can and should pray for God’s miracles of moments, but we should also be actively employed in our own struggle, and the struggle for others.

This is spiritual warfare. We are soldiers of Christ. We are the resistance.

Join the fight.

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