“Where’s da (sic) money gonna (sic) come from?”

That is the most often asked question in these parts particularly when it comes to promoting “the general welfare” (U.S. Constitution, Preamble).

Examples include the very long-standing need for a local storm water management system and the anemic support for the current and future needs of our Flenniken Public Library.

In the latest campaign for President, candidate Donald J. Trump successfully ran on a platform of staunch conservative planks. Two of those planks were much popular with the candidate’s supporters. One of these planks was a sales pitch for tax reform that is commonly called tax cuts. The other popular plank was a sales pitch for a wall along the border with Mexico. Trump maintained that construction costs from the wall would be paid for by Mexico. He went so far as to accredit that manifesto with the phrase “Trust me.”

During the first year of his administration, President Trump succeeded in bringing about a tax cut, although it is a very lopsided one. The Trump tax cuts grant an unchanging permanent lion’s share to our recently exposed oligarchy also known as upper class, but merely casts alms to we the masses of the working middle-class peons.

Mexico’s reaction to Trump’s wall manifesto is understandably anything but congenial. Former President of Mexico, 2000-2006, Vincent Fox, responded by by saying that “we are not going to pay for any (expletive deleted) wall!” Since then, Trump has abandoned his accredited manifesto and now is twisting an arm of Congress to cough up the money.

Well now, isn’t it odd that conservatives are not jumping up and down screaming “Where’s da money gonna come from?” The recent tax cuts will greatly restrict what narrow-minded conservatives wrongly see to be a free flow of tax funds to a monstrous trough where liberals get money to squander.

Do you suppose “da money” will come from Mexico, oligarchy or peons? If I had a spare two bits, I’d bet on the latter group.

Paul Lagojda,

Cumberland Township

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