Do you believe that your local elementary school should lock the doors when school is in session? How about the middle school or high school?

If you are a business owner do you believe you should leave your building unlocked after you are done with work for the day? As an automobile owner do you lock your car doors after you park to go shopping or do you leave your car doors unlocked?

Do you lock the doors to your home at night or do you, with trust in human nature, leave your house unlocked while you sleep?

If your son or daughter is in college would you support a policy that would leave the dorms unlocked through the day and all night? Do you invest and locks and security systems because you hate people or because you make efforts to protect those you love?

According to a 2018 Associated Press article, an estimated 7,000 Central Americans make up a caravan that’s traveling through Mexico to the United States border crossing in McAllen, Texas.

If you lived in southern Texas and 7,000 people you didn’t know started passing through your town, your neighborhood and near your house, would you leave your local elementary school, your business building, your automobile, your home, the dorm rooms of your sons and daughters unlocked? No, you wouldn’t! I wouldn’t either. Why is that?

Because it is reckless to leave loved ones unprotected. By choice, by good sense, through experience, you have established many safe and necessary borders in your life. Your chosen borders protect you, your children, family, possessions, property, health, and future.

Stopping 7,000 people from entering the country illegally is not a matter of hate in the slightest, it is practicing what you do every day of your life. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t care enough about your loved ones to protect them that would look more like hate wouldn’t it?

By the way, according to a 2018 Global Citizen article, the United States is scheduled to spend $55.9 billion in foreign aid in 2018 to approximately 200 countries.

That will not be the focus this week. Why?

Because the idea was, and is, to use the caravan as a means of showing how heartless the president is and how different things would be if a Democrat was in the White House. If the left told the truth about the $55.9 billion in foreign aid it would destroy the narrative, they want to create. By ignoring our deep national and global generosity and focusing on the plight of the caravan the political left and the liberal media hope to vilify the president and his party. In short, liberals have found a way to take advantage of unpaid thousands to help create a divisive drama.

It’s time for a three-fold reality check. Protecting our borders demonstrates a responsible commitment to our national sovereignty, personal security and the rule of law. Many Democrats are willing to let the caravan trample over all three.

Don’t kid yourself. Behind closed doors liberals around the country are actually very glad that someone (other than them) is putting a stop to the caravan and even more glad that someone else (other than them) is willing to take the criticism.

Tonight, before you go to bed, I bet you lock your own doors.

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