Ken Dufalla

Ken Dufalla

If you have been reading my articles over the years, you will note that scientific data has been presented dealing with our water problems. Most of the people I talk to complain about our water quality and many say that they buy water because of the poor quality of the drinking water. As I have been researching the causes of these complaints, one thing stands out. Not very much is being done to correct the problem nor is much being done to find the causes of the problems. In fact, when problems are being found the DEP is avoiding doing thorough investigations to find the cause and try to find a solution. This is totally against the mission of the DEP. In the following I will give you some examples.

The Clyde Mine discharge into Ten Mile Creek. The DEP is aware that the total dissolved solids (TDS) and the electronic conductivity (EC) is well above the recommended levels. The DEP is basically responsible for this discharge. To further the failure, the DEP does not even have a NPDES permit to discharge the mine water into the receiving stream. This is a direct violation of federal law, but what is being done? In actuality, nothing is being done. Two times, the Harry Enstrom Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) of Greene County has tried to bring this problem to federal court. In each case, the data was reviewed by the attorneys, who said that the data proved there was a problem. Yet, in both cases, the attorneys dropped the case before going to court without any explanation. The data is there, the case is valid and the DEP knows the case is valid but nothing is being done to correct the problems. This is in direct violation of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Article 1 section 27, and again nothing is being done. The path now being followed by the politicians is to change the law to accommodate their failures to protect the residents’ water supplies. I totally don’t understand this approach. It is up to the DEP to protect the citizens and ensure a safe environment for us and our children. The DEP is not only failing in this but in the Clyde Mine case contributing to the problem. Where are our elected officials?

There is another major failure by the DEP on the Clyde Mine situation. Back in 2014 tests were taken on Ten Mile Creek and the Clyde Mine discharge. This, by using the Gamma Spec Test, found high levels of Radium 226 and Thorium in the area. When questioned, the DEP stated that the test was an anomaly, and did not release the results to the IWLA that had requested the test. It was not until the IWLA did a file review that this information was brought to light. The IWLA, on at lest 6 occasions, has asked that the Gamma Spec test be done a second time. The DEP has refused and went with a suspect in accuracy of the 900 series test. This 900 series test has been proven to be inaccurate in water of high TDS; and mine water is very high in TDS. There is so much more evidence about the failure of the DEP to protect us. NOW, here is a question for Gov. Wolf and Sen. Wagner, “What is your environmental stance on clean water and air?” I challenge both of you to stand up for the people’s constitutional rights.

One last thing, in the Fredericktown area, there is a plan to build a frack water treatment plant. If this plant is done properly, it will cost millions of dollars. I don’t see the people that applied for the permit having that type of monetary backing. The area is said to be zoned commercial not industrial. I hope this is not another ‘flim flam’ project that will discharge frack water into the Mon River. Oh the best is that if try to raise chickens in the area, there is an ordinance about noise and odor. Do you think there will be any noise from the trucks entering the plant all hours of the night? I think the chickens should complain, it doesn’t seem like the people want to get involved.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. Your way of life is being attacked by failures to protect and an array of chemicals that are slows destroying us. There are some VERY serious problems on our close future horizons and “they” are not protecting us.

As always believe in the deity who created us, we need HIS help more than ever.

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