The recent warm weather has permitted many of us to get outside and begin cleaning the debris the winter left. I was able to clean my garden from last year’s growing season. The old rototiller came out and, as usual, it didn’t want to start. After getting it running, the garden received a very good grinding. Once that was finished, it looked so nice; I had to plant my onions. It just feels better to have something in the garden.

With the garden looking good, it was time to look at the fruit trees. For some reason, several of my peach trees died this past winter. They were removed and replaced with young trees. The fruit buds looked plentiful on the living trees. Upon looking at the apple trees, I found that they too showed mortality. I had to remove three apple trees. I will not have much of an apple crop. I don’t expect any at all.

Then it was time to do maintenance on the mowers, but before that could be done the garage had to be cleaned. Surprising enough, the riding mower started right up. Last fall, I sharpened the blades on them and they are ready to be used. The oil and filters were changed, which really is a must each year. The need for greasing was addressed, and it will not be long before mowing will begin. I am trying to get a jump on the grass.

After all of that was done, it was time for some fun time. To me, that means fishing. I got all my needed rods cleaned and maintained. With the rods ready I had a chance to do some walleye fishing in West Virginia. This time of the year it is important to be very selective as to which walleyes one keeps since it is the beginning of their spawning season. The females should be returned regardless of their size. Then there is always trout fishing. West Virginia has been stocking several of their streams since January. They are now into their weekly stockings. This past week, I had a chance to get out for two days in. The trip was average, except a West Virginia pothole killed my front tire and rim. I am currently waiting for a call from Michigan on the Steelhead run. I look forward to the run each year. The word I am getting is that some very nice Steelheads are being caught in Erie now.

I was able to help in the trout stocking in Connellsville. The club stocked over 3,100 trout on the March 30. They plan to do a second stocking in April. Another group is also planning the stocking of trout in the river also. There will be plenty of trout available. Closer to home, the Harry Enstrom Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) will be stocking the South Branch of Ten Mile Creek on April 11 near Clarksville.

With all this fishing around, now is the time to get all the outside work done, so you can have time to fish. Also, keep in mind the IWLA will be holding its annual Kids and Lady’s Day of Fishing on May 4 near Clarksville. The stream will be closed to all fishing on May 3 and May 4 between the Chartiers Bridge and Burson Bridge under a special events permit.

One last thing, Morel season will soon be here. Getting out in the woods to look for these treats will give you exercise and some good eating. So, good luck hunting for Morels and scout your turkey hunting areas also. So much to do and so little time.

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