The area has experienced a first-time event. As the water quality gets better, it provides more opportunity to develop our recreation. To my knowledge, this year was the first time trout were stocked in the South Branch of Ten Mile Creek.

Fish were placed in the area near the Waynesburg soccer fields, under the I-79 bridge, Pratt station, Beagle Club kayak launch area, and Bell’s Bridge. There were over 600 fish placed in the stream.

Betsy McClure was able to stock these fish. The reason for the stocking was to provide an opportunity for our kids to get into the outdoors. The plan was to have the kids experience nature and what it provides.

This stocking was also part of a bigger picture to help prevent our kids for getting involved in the opioid crisis. This effort is in correlation of the ongoing attempt to educate our kids on the dangers of drug use by providing recreational opportunities.

This parallels the Izaak Walton League of America’s (IWLA) ongoing annual Kid’s and Lady’s Day of Fishing. Each year the IWLA holds a Kid’s and Lady’s Day of Fishing on Ten Mile Creek near Clarksville. The event not only provides a fun day but also provides a respect for nature. It also provided a chance to educate the kids and everyone attending on the negative effects of drug use.

The event held May 5 was well attended and several special guests (Rep. Pam Snyder, candidate Betsy McClure, Sen. Barlotta, and former Rep. Bill DeWeese) attended the event. Lunch and prizes were provided to all.

Special thanks goes out to the Fredericktown Butcher Shop, Hungarian Smoke House, North West Bank, the Greene County commissioners and Fredericktown Save-A-Lot for their donations to the event.

It was really special to see the community come together for the event.

Another effect of the occasion was to get the moms out fishing. Often the moms have to be both mom and dad and the event provides an opportunity for moms to fish with their children.

We have a drug problem in our area and we must educate ourselves and our children on the dangers of drug use.

Over 1,000 trout will be stocked in South Branch of Ten Mile Creek and the Marianna Outdoors Association will also be stocking large numbers of fish in the North Branch of Ten Mile Creek.

Hopefully, all of these stockings will provide a viable alternative to drug use. The drug problem is a community problem and the community must take the initiative to solve the problem.

I do not condemn the persons using drugs but they too must step up and clean up their lives. We do not know why many people are on drugs but we must all pitch in and help with their recovery and prevention.

Regarding the fishing aspect of this year’s trout season, it has been a strange year, to say the least. I fished in West Virginia several times and did okay but it has been tough on some days. The water conditions and cold weather have played a major role in being able to catch good numbers of fish. My last trip was the best. I was able to get several nice trout.

I also managed to get to Michigan Steelhead fishing, but not until the first week in May. The run was late but the fish were big. I was able to land six fish from 28 to 32 inches; they really taxed my fly rod. It was a great trip.

There are still many days of good fishing left. Take the kids out and enjoy the sport. Let’s face it, it is better to get hooked on fishing than hooked on drugs.

As always, believe in yourself and let’s work together to rid our area of drugs … and always believe we have a stronger power watching over us.

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