AEW celebrated the first anniversary of Dynamite on TNT last Wednesday.

The promotion has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year, and several readers reached out this week to share their thoughts.

“AEW has finally given us an alternative to Vince McMahon’s stale and outdated vision,” Tommy, from Monessen, said. “It is good to see so many former WWE wrestlers get to show what they can really do.”

Fans have had other alternatives, like Impact, but not one of the promotions have had the TV deal that AEW has picked up with TNT. Impact, for example, is on AXS and the channel is on a fraction of cable providers’ lineups.

There are definitely fans who have become AEW loyalists just because of the fact that it isn’t owned by McMahon.

“AEW has provided a platform for talents to make a name for themselves,” Craig, from Uniontown, said. “While development of lower card wrestlers and mid-card performers started slow, they have been given time to grow.”

Several fans wrote about The Young Bucks, and feelings were mixed.

“The Bucks are so exciting because their matches are nonstop,” said Kelly, from Perryopolis. “I can’t catch my breath.”

“The Young Bucks are awful for wrestling,” said Ryan, from Connellsville. “Pro wrestling matches are supposed to tell a story, and all they do are flips and spots that make no sense.”

I see both sides of the debate, however, matches are best when told using a roller coaster philosophy and the action picking up and coming down.

The Bucks are definitely not known for using that psychology, but they are uber popular.

A lot of businesses don’t make it though their first year, and less than half make it through three years. For AEW, it is a safe bet that they aren’t going anywhere, and they have to make sure to not try to do too much too soon.

Let the promotion grow at the right pace and don’t oversaturate its fan base with more shows or too many PPV’s.

WWE can’t get out of its own way

Far too often in this column, and elsewhere, WWE’s illogical storylines are looked at.

The two-night draft between Smackdown on Oct. 9 and Raw this past Monday, Oct. 12 gave a perfect example.

It was announced on Smackdown that The Hurt Business, as a group, was drafted by Raw and will stay on the brand. However, later in the show, it was announced that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were drafted to Raw but their New Day partner, Big E, would be staying on Smackdown.

So, one group is kept together, as was Retribution, but arguably the most popular group in WWE is broken up with no reason given.

And what is worse is that The New Day didn’t fight it or complain.

Again, a lack of logic.

Head scratching WWE move

Another move that made me shake my head was the backstage segment with Kingston and Woods, the Smackdown tag champs. Despite being on Raw, the duo ran into the Raw tag champs, The Street Profits, who had been drafted to Smackdown earlier on the show.

Agent Adam Pierce comes up and informs the teams that they would be giving each other the tag titles, so they had the belts on the brand they were on.

So, Kingston and Woods handed over the Smackdown titles, while the Profits gave their Raw titles to Woods and Kingston.

This stuff can’t be made up. Well, I guess it was made up because it happened.

What’s worse is the Profits become only the second team to ever hold the WWE tag triple crown of the NXT, Raw and Smackdown tag titles.

They make history by literally having it handed to them.

Impact’s Bound For Glory

Impact presents Bound For Glory on PPV on Saturday, Oct. 24.

It is an odd date to choose as WWE has Hell in a Cell the next night, but the card looks exciting.

Four title matches have been announced with Eric Young defending the Impact title against Rich Swann, Deonna Purrazzo defends her Knockouts title against Kylie Rae, The Motor City Machine Guns place their tag titles on the line in a triple threat match and Rohit Raju puts the X-Division crown on the line against five competitors.

Also announced is Eddie Edwards against Ken Shamrock, EC3 against Moose in an undisclosed location and a 20-person “Call Your Shot” gauntlet match.

Thunderdome extended a month

An agreement has been made for WWE to continue using the Amway Center in Orlando for its Thunderdome.

This Day in History, Oct. 18

In 1998, Christian made his WWE debut by defeating Taka Michinoku to win the lightweight title.

This week’s question

WWE announced that they are doing another documentary on The Undertaker. They just did The Last Ride, so why do another? Bob, Waynesburg.

WWE is commemorating the 30-year anniversary of The Undertaker’s debut. There will be new content released each Sunday and there will also be featured content on Taker’s career each day.

Email questions/comments to or tweet them to @BillHughes_III.

Email questions/comments to or tweet to @BillHughes_III.

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