Lohr hits her second tee shot

Carmichaels’ Delaney Lohr hits from the second tee at Diamond Run Golf Club during Wednesday’s WPIAL Class AA Individual Golf Championship. Lohr finished tied for seventh with a 90. (Photo by Jim Downey)

SEWICKLEY — The Zambruno sisters nearly tied for the silver medal, Lindsay Sethman and Delaney Lohr survived a quadruple bogey and Claire Konieczny secured the final spot as all five girls medaled Wednesday in the WPIAL Class AA Individual Golf Championship.

The aforementioned quartet all survived Diamond Run Golf Club to continue their seasons by one more tournament, the PIAA Western Regional at Tom’s Run Golf Course on Monday, Oct. 14.

Quaker Valley freshman Eva Bulger won the title with an 82. Defending champion Maddie Smithco, of North Catholic, did not play because of illness.

Ella Zambruno was sitting in the clubhouse with an 84 as her sister was on the final hole. Meghan Zambruno needed a par to secure a tie for the silver, but a contrary putt wouldn’t fall for par so she settled back into third place.

“I actually did pretty good today. I shot an 83,” Ella Zambruno said proudly. “I played pretty steady, though the back was worse than the front.”

Ella Zambruno tied with Geibel’s Caroline Konieczny last year for the final berth into the regional. Konieczny won the playoff on the third hole.

“The first three holes, I remembered that. After the third hole, I forgot about it and played my game,” said Ella Zambruno. “My drives were pretty good and I hit greens. The putting got harder as it got warmer. The greens dried up.”

Meghan Zambruno led at the turn with a 37, but things turned for the worse on the back nine.

“I blew up on the back,” said Meghan Zambruno. “My drives started to go crazy. That makes the next shot so long.

“At least I’m moving on. That’s all that matters.”

Sethman finished fifth with a 15-over 87.

As for what led to the quadruple bogey, Sethman explained, “I hit in the right, front bunker. It was straight uphill. Every time I hit, it would go up and roll back in. It was one of the most difficult holes I ever played. I just had to brush it off and keep going.”

Sethman righted the ship after the troublesome holes with five pars and a bogey. She closed with four sixes and a five to play the back in 45.

“The last four or five holes are tough holes. That’s to be expected,” said Sethman. “I was in another bunker on the fairway on No. 15. I blew it over the green into the woods.”

Lohr, a senior at Carmichaels, joined her younger sister Remmey, who will play in the boys tournament, in the western regional after she finished tied for seventh with an 18-over 90.

“I’m really happy. I feel fine,” said Lohr. “I would’ve been happy if those would’ve been my nine hole scores.”

Bunker troubles led to Lohr finishing with a quadruple bogey-9 on the seventh hole.

“I got in a bunker and another girl’s ball was in front of mine. I didn’t know if I could move it. I hit it in the bunker,” explained Lohr.

Lohr rallied after the wayward hole with a par-3 on the next hole and a birdie-4 on the ninth hole.

“I played the best I could,” said Lohr. “I liked the people I played with. They were fun.

“This is my first time in the regional. I would like to keep going. But, if it would’ve ended with this round, I would’ve been proud of it.”

The Lohrs have at least one more round with their Carmichaels teammates in next week’s team playoffs.

“I get to play with my team for the last time. I love my team,” added Lohr.

Claire Konieczny’s disappointment of her closing score (96) and her sister not qualified was tempered a bit with a medal and another tournament to play.

“I had a terrible round, but I made it. But, it definitely wasn’t too good,” said Claire Konieczny.

Konieczny took an eight after a penalty was assessed.

“It just got worse after that,” said Claire Konieczny.

“I was happy Caroline made it with me. She just had bad luck,” said the younger Konieczny. “I’m going to be out there hitting balls. I won’t have this happen to me at Tom’s Run.”

Caroline Konieczny is the first alternate after she placed 10th with 100.

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