WWE has recently delayed two pieces that were to debut on the platform.

The Icons: Lex Luger piece was to debut on July 4 and the newest episode of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, with Kevin Nash as the guest, was to debut Sunday 11.

WWE has paused all documentary work and scheduled premieres.

With that said, WWE announced on July 12 that the Nash piece would debut this past Sunday.

Credit to www.pwinsiderelite.com for the info.

Impact+ free for two months

Almost weekly, fans email asking about how they can watch Impact Wrestling since they do not have AXS, the channel that airs Impact.

Here is your opportunity!

Impact Wrestling is offering two months of its streaming service, Impact+, for free.

Fans who sign up and use the code SLAMMIVERSARY will receive an extra two months for free.

Sign up at www.ImpactPlus.tv.

Olympics 2, NXT 0

Word broke last week that NXT will be bumped to the SyFy channel on July 27 and Aug. 3 due to Olympic coverage.

NXT UK champ injured

Walter, the menacing NXT UK champion, is out with a left-hand injury.

For those who have not seen NXT UK, check it out in the WWE section of Peacock.

WWE, AEW in Pittsburgh

As of Sunday, tickets still remained for WWE’s show at PPG Paints Arena Saturday night and AEW’s two shows at the Petersen Events Center on Wednesday, Aug. 11 and Friday, Aug. 13.

You can get tickets for the shows at www.ticketmaster.com.

Remembering Paul Orndorff

Word broke Monday that “Mr. 1derful” Paul Orndorff passed away.

Hearing this news took me back to my childhood.

As a little kid, when I knew pro wrestling had to be real despite what others told me, Orndorff presented a huge threat to Hulk Hogan, the WWF champion.

Back then, before the internet and before instant gratification took over the pro wrestling world, I was always worried when I would turn on a WWF show that they would announce Orndorff had beaten Hogan for the title on a house show.

He never did win the title, but Orndorff, one of the toughest men to ever lace up the boots, main evented the first WrestleMania when he teamed with Roddy Piper to face Hogan and Mr. T.

This Day in History, June 18

In 1980, Verne Gagne defeated Nick Bockwinkel to win the AWA heavyweight title for the 10th time.

1n 1989, The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) upset Demolition to win the WWF tag titles. The win gave Anderson and Blanchard, one of the greatest teams of all time, the honor of being the first pair to have held both the NWA and WWF tag titles.

In 1993, Ric Flair defeated Barry Windham to win the NWA heavyweight title. The win began Flair’s 10th, and final, reign with the belt.

In 2010 at WWE’s first Money in the bank PPV, Kane won the briefcase and then later in the night, he defeated Rey Mysterio to win the World title.

It was the first time someone cashed in the briefcase the night they won it to win a title, and it marked Kane’s first World title win although he previously won the WWF heavyweight tile and the ECW title (WWE’s version).

This week’s question

Mandy Rose appeared on NXT this week. Was that a one-time appearance or has she been moved to NXT? Craig from Perryopolis.

Rose has been moved to the NXT brand.

It has been quite a year for Rose as last year at this time, she was in a love interest storyline with Otis.

During the WWE Draft, she was moved to Raw and the creative team did nothing with her.

Now she is back in NXT.

Here is to hoping she gets a chance there to do some solid work.

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