Best spots to see elk

- Elk Country Visitor Center: One mile north of Rte. 555 and Benezette on Winslow Hill Road.

- Winslow Hill Viewing Area: Normally, the best elk-viewing spot; three miles north of Rte. 555 and Benezette on Winslow Hill Road.

- Dents Run Viewing Area: From Benezette and Rte. 555, one mile beyond the Winslow Hill Viewing Area.

- Woodring Farm Interpretive Trail: Loop trail with interpretive signage, leading to viewing platform and impressive vista. Along Winslow Hill Road between Winslow Hill and Dents Run viewing areas.

- Hicks Run Viewing Area: Great spot for photography when elk are present; 12 miles east of Benezette on Rte. 555 at the Elk-Cameron county border.

- Hoover Farm Viewing Area: Just off the Quehanna Highway, 9.5 miles south of Rte. 555 and Medix Run near the intersection with Wykoff Run Road.

- Sinnemahoning State Park: Viewing blind on Rte. 872, 14 miles north of Sinnemahoning and Rte. 555.

ELK Watching etiquette:

-Never approach or feed elk.  They are wild animals, unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

-Drive slowly and stay alert.

-Do not stop on public roads to view elk.  Use the designated viewing sites.

-Do not block private driveways and never leave your vehicle unattended.

-Be patient and tolerant with other elk-viewers.

Learn more

- Read about elk biology and management at

- Check educational opportunities, trail rides and wagon rides

at the Elk Country Visitor Center.

- Find lodging, dining and travel options.

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