Wednesday Walks schedule

By Rachel Basinger

Here is the schedule for the 2019 Wednesday Walks:

June 19 — YMCA Fun Family Walk

This self-paced walk includes stops to use the new outdoor fitness equipment, or just a stroll along the paved path. You may also use the indoor elevated indoor walking track. YMCA tours and free three day passes will be available for those in attendance. Park in any of the YMCA lots. Meet at the outdoor pavilion.

June 26 — Hospital Campus History/Future Walk

Walk around campus and learn about the changes over the decades to the facility, including the transition of the old School of Nursing to the current Education Center in the Annex. Hear about the services now — and what’s planned in the future. Park in the gravel parking lot across from the Hospital Annex building. Meet in the circular turnaround outside the Annex.

July 10 — Friendship Hill Scavenger Hunt Hike

A fun nature walk on the trail and see what kind of scavenger hunt skills you have. The walk is approximately 2 miles along the trails and incorporate a scavenger hunt that will include natural and historical aspects of the park. Meet and park at the main parking lot. Wear good walking shoes!

July 17 — West Overton Museum Walk

A walking tour of West Overton Village. Discover the legacy of the historic 18th-century village, production of Old Farm Pure Rye Whiskey, and birth place of Henry Clay Frick. Meet at the Big Barn. Parking is available in the lot.

July 24 — Point Marion Sheepskin Trail Hike

See the newest, most southern portion of the Sheepskin Trail! This is an easy, flat, rail-trail. Walk from the trailhead at Point Marion Park to the Mason Dixon Line and see views of the river, former Houze Glass Factory, and Point Marion Lock and Dam, and on into town if you wish! Park at Point Marion Park on South Main St. Meet at the trailhead.

July 31 — A Walk Through the Vineyards

Join Sharon Klay and learn about winemaking, growing in the vineyards, and maybe even a wine tasting after the hike at Christian Klay Winery. The walk continues through the vineyards so wear good walking shoes. Meet and park at the barn.

Aug. 7 — Indian Creek Valley Trail Hike

This walk is a 1-2 mile hike beginning near the mouth of the Indian Creek Gorge. The easy hike through an exceptional natural diversity area, has been a past favorite. Meet in the parking lot at the trailhead, across from Camp Christian.

Aug. 14 — End of Season Celebration

More information on this new event will be available later in the season.

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