Football games are always more fun when watching with others, so what better place to view the game than at a home football party?

Advantages mean no concerns about weather, restrooms are close by and food can be whatever the hosts wants.

First, consider the guest list. Should it be a group of fans? What about people not interested in football? Should children be invited?

Jaclyn Pheasant, of Smithfield, a certified wedding planner and owner of Dream Creations Event Planning, stated, “I recommend inviting your family and friends regardless of their interest in football and who their favorite team is. These types of get-togethers should be a fun time spent with your family and friends. Yes, I would invite children — the more, the merrier. It is a fun and social atmosphere for everyone involved.’’

Plan to host the party in a room where there is plenty of space for viewing the game.

“A family room or a living room would be great,’’ suggested Pheasant. “Homes with open floor plans seem to be perfect for hosting these types of parties.’’

And while watching football is usually casual, it’s still important to have a clean house.

“Most definitely — I recommend ensuring your home is clean and tidy when hosting any type of party,’’ noted Pheasant. “It is best as you are cleaning to be sure the toilet paper and soap dispensers are replenished. I also recommend placing fresh towels out in the kitchen and all bathrooms where guests will mainly be.’’

Decorating can be fun, especially if it’s a big game.

“Purchase plates, flatware, cups, napkins, and tablecloths the color of the team you are cheering on. It adds a nice little touch to your get-together,’’ encouraged Pheasant. “You can place chips in football-shaped tins and hang streamers of the football team of choice. If you go shopping at a local party store, most sell plates, cups, and napkins with a football theme.’’

A variety of menus can be used, but should the host provide everything or make it a covered dish?

“I feel if you are hosting the party, then you providing the food is perfect and a nice touch to those attending,’’ commented Pheasant. “It allows your guests to just show up, eat, watch the game, socialize and enjoy themselves.’’

If someone asks about bringing a side dish, Pheasant advises hosts tell guests to just enjoy themselves but if there’s a dish they would like to share, they are welcome to bring it.

Pheasant encourages offering a variety of food options is best. Some suggestions include a chicken tray with strips and poppers, vegetable and fruit trays, dips such as buffalo chicken, taco, queso; a shrimp ring and chips.

She added, “If you know certain guests have allergies or dietary restrictions, I recommend you accommodate them with foods they will be able to eat, so they can enjoy the party as well.’’

Pheasant directs hosts to keep food in the kitchen.

“If you have a center island or a bar — those are always nice locations to place your food,’’ commented Pheasant. “Depending on your home etiquette, if you allow food to be eaten in other rooms, then guests can make their plate and take with them to where they are sitting to watch the game.”

Hosts may want to create a drink station for convenience.

Pheasant suggests serving a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, including water and pop, as well as alcohol.

“You can even make a punch or lemonade,’’ she noted.

Whether hosting a few friends or a crowd, a home football party can be memorable and lots of fun. And a little planning allows hosts to enjoy the party as much as their guests.

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