The following charges were filed in magisterial courts in Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland counties March 18-19. Those listed are innocent until proven guilty.

Fayette County

Magisterial District Judge Michael Metros

Alton M. Hopes, 25, of Uniontown was charged with strangulation and simple assault.

Magisterial District Judge Ronald Haggerty

Thomas J. Ross Sr., 36, of Smithfield was charged with delivery of a controlled substance, intent to possess a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Magisterial District Judge Jennifer Jeffries

Robert Tippet, 41, of McClellandtown was charged with burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.

Jeremiah R. Pletcher II, 21, of Vanderbilt was charged with criminal attempted homicide, aggravated assault, firearms not to be carried without a license, reckless endangerment, simple assault and criminal mischief.

Magisterial District Judge Nathan Henning

Justin A. Kushner, 25, of Uniontown was charged with simple assault.

Washington County

Magisterial District Judge Mark Wilson

Christina J. Williams, 34, of Monessen was charged with theft.

William E. Patterson, 51, of Monongahela was charged with writing bad checks.

Magisterial District Judge Eric Porter

Catherine A. McKenna, 52, of Charleroi was charged with DUI.

Magisterial District Judge Curtis Thompson

Leonard Watkins, 56, of Daisytown was charged with aggravated assault, arson, disarming law enforcement, flight to avoid apprehension, terroristic threats, making repairs to an offensive weapon, simple assault, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Kevin Myers, 52, of Cokeburg was charged with terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Timothy J. Dillon III, 26, of California was charged with DUI.

Westmoreland County

Magisterial District Judge Wayne Vlasic

Marvin Jordan, 44, of Monessen was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

William D. Devine, 60, of Perryopolis was charged with simple assault.

Magisterial District Judge Charles Christner

Gregory H. Crouch, 54, of Clairton was charged with theft.

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