The following are listed by the Fayette County Domestic Relations office as being delinquent on child support obligations or having missed a support hearing as of Tuesday:

James A. Abel, 43, of Connellsville

Roger L. Adams Jr., 43, of Connellsville

Vincent E. Adamsky, 51, of Uniontown

Zakariya D. Al-Balawi, 24, of Uniontown

Jeffrey Anderson, 46, of Connellsville

Matthew S. Angelo, 35, of New Salem

William R. Augustine, 40, of Dickerson Run

Harry Bailey, 52, of New Salem

Robert E. Baker, 27, of Smithfield

Phillip L. Baldi, 45, of Dunbar

James P. Bankhead, 39, of McClellandtown

Daniel Bartolozzi, 44, of Belle Vernon

Justin R. Bass, 24, of New Salem

Randy E. Becker II, 24, of Uniontown

Josiah S. Boyer, 36, of Hopwood

Robert A. Brady Jr., 55, of Fairchance

Ralph T. Burnworth, 49, of Hopwood

Aaron D. Buzzelli, 22, of Dunbar

Joshua A. Carlson, 29, of Connellsville

James M. Casper III, 26, of Masontown

Joseph D. Chidester III, 37, of Connellsville

Richard S. Chury, 51, of Uniontown

Dennis L. Coffman Jr., 36, of Uniontown

Clinton C. Cohen Jr., 40, of Uniontown

Bobby L. Collins, 48, of Connellsville

Malcolm Cooper, 24, of Uniontown

James B. Couch, 45, of Smithfield

Matthew L. Crane, 28, of Connellsville

Melissa S. Cummings, 37, of Melcroft

Rocky R. Davis, 29, of Hiller

John C. Daye III, 26, of Uniontown

Blake R. Dennis, 20, of Uniontown

Christopher D. Everly, 31, of Hiller

Chad Fairfax, 49, of Uniontown

Henry T. Favers, 55, of Connellsville

Edward J. Fazenbaker, 53, of Dunbar

Lamar D. Fitzgerald, 37, of Uniontown

Hunter Fronius, 25, of Connellsville

Tiffany J. Good, 28, of Allison

Jason L. Goodwin, 35, of Vanderbilt

Jay M. Graham Jr., 34, of Point Marion

Joseph W. Greyno, 42, of Leisenring

Brent W. Grimm, 33, of Normalville

Gregory D. Hackett Jr., 35, of Brownsville

Mark V. Hadenak, 27, of New Salem

Jeffrey W. Hager, 34, of New Salem

Dakota L. Haines, 26, of Farmington

Fred S. Hall III, 37, of Dunbar

Robert L. Hanon Jr., 38, of Point Marion

Thomas M. Harbarger, 35, of Uniontown

John H. Harden, 35, of Smithfield

Jerry A. Harris Jr., 37, of Uniontown

Zachary S. Harris Sr., 28, of LaBelle

Duane E. Harrison, 36, of Cardale

Michael R. Hart, 28, of New Salem

John P. Herchko, 52, of Connellsville

Alex Hice, 21, of Connellsville

Alexander S. Huffman, 23, of Uniontown

Robert M. Johnston, 39, of Uniontown

Christopher L. Jordan, 36, of Uniontown

Jason R. Keeney, 36, of Republic

Shaneeyto M. Kendall, 30, of Leckrone

Stephanie Kinzey, 23, of Smithfield

Walter D. Kisner, 49, of Fairbanks

Jason J. Koterba, 46, of Republic

Robert A. Krepps, 36 of Farmington

Benjamin J. Kritschgau, 37, of New Salem

Gabrielle E. Lawrence, 20, of Uniontown

Joshua Leapline, 29, of Dunbar

Kelly M. Leichliter, 34, of Uniontown

Bryant P. Lewis Sr., 38, of Brownsville

William T. Lewis, 41, of Fairbank

Tiffany A. Lilley, 29, of Smithfield

Tiffany A. Lilley, 28, of Republic

Brandon K. Locke, 32, of Uniontown

Stephen J. Majoros III, 28, of Brownsville

Charles R. Martin, 36, of Connellsville

Kevin C. Martin, 33, of Uniontown

Jonathan R. McCoy, 28, of Brownsville

Heather M. McDonald, 31, of Connellsville

Jeremy L. McKinney, 22, of New Salem

Chasity L. McKnight, 26, of Connellsville

Teresa J. McLaughlin, 36, of Uniontown

Jason A. Meade, 38, of Connellsville

Jajuan Mercer, 24, of Brownsville

Andrew Miller, 36, of Uniontown

Joseph C. Molenock, 39, of Normalville

Phillip S. Mosley II, 36, of Brownsville

Randolph Mosley, 26, of McClellandtown

Charles W. Murphy Sr., 44, of Dunbar

Robert L. Murphy, 29, of Connellsville

Tina M. Nascimben, 47, of Ronco

Robert J. Neverdale, 35, of Smithfield

Andrew C. Newton, 24, of Uniontown

Ronald J. Nicklow Jr., 39, of Uniontown

Ryan A. Nicklow, 24, of Connellsville

William C. Nicklow, 25, of Smithfield

John O. Ohler Jr., 49, of McClellandtown (may be in Texas)

Amanda L. Palo, 33, of Smithfield

John D. Parker, 32, of Brownsville

Raymond E. Parker Jr., 40, of Uniontown

Brian S. Pirl, 44, of Normalville

Brian E. Platt, 36, of Normalville

William S. Porterfield, 26, of Connellsville

Calvin J. Reid Sr., 36, of Uniontown

Kai Redshaw, 46, of Uniontown

Alejandrina I. Reyes, 39, of Uniontown

Isabella R. Richter, 19, of Connellsville

James L. Riggin Jr., 29, of Dunbar

Scott A. Roebuck Sr., 46, of Lemont Furnace

Misty Romesburg, 41, of Fairchance

Duane A. Royster, 43, of Uniontown

Kali J. Rubino, 26, of Belle Vernon

Bryan J. Rugg, 33, of Farmington

David E. Sanner, 34, of Connellsville

Jason Shaw, 25, of Connellsville

Larry F. Shaw, 29, of Connellsville

William A. Shaw, 29, of Connellsville

Michael L. Skovira, 34, of Uniontown

Jeffrey J. Smith, 25, of Everson

Michael E. Smith Jr., 44, of Normalville

Ronald L. Smith Jr., 38, of Isabella

John J. Soltis III, 49, of Connellsville

David A. Soyka, 44, of Lemont Furnace or Connellsville

David W. Stewart, 40, of Hopwood

Jason A. Sutton, 39, of Fairchance

Timothy R. Tasker, 52, of Masontown

Brandon M. Thieler, 22, of Mt. Pleasant

Matthew M. Thomas, 31, of Fairbank

Thea L. Thomas, 41, of Uniontown

Johnathan R. Torok, 37, of Allison

Richard A. Tredway Jr., 43, of Masontown

Michael A. Valentine Jr., 29, of Masontown

Zelcon D. Walker, 21, of Uniontown

Rickey A. Waters, 21, of Brownsville

Thomas Weimer, 39, of Connellsville

David F. Wray, 45, of Fayette City

Ryan E. Younkin, 26, of Connellsville

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