The following are listed by the Washington County Domestic Relations office as being delinquent on child support obligations or having missed a support hearing as of Friday:

Christopher J. Allen, 34, of New Castle

Ralph R. Allen, 42, of Washington

Francis G. Archambault, 30, of West Alexander

Joseph M. Avolia, 28, of Hickory

Gary R. Balser, 37, of Washington

Stewart A. Battle, 37, of Monongahela

Aaron W. Bedillion, 25, of West Finleyville

Clarence P. Belliveau, 35, of McDonald

Julia L. Bellora, 35, of Charleroi

Jesse C. Bianchi, 31, of New Eagle

Jesse J. Boland, 33, of Freedom

Jaymie A. Bowles, 30, of Washington

Kenneth W. Boyle, 42, of Phoenix, Arizona

Charity Burnsworth, 39, of Washington

Daniel B. Carpenter, 47, of Washington

Malcolm L. Crews, 37, of Donora

Jason M. Dailey, 39, of Burgettstown

John A. Davis, 30, of Lawrence

Gary D Decker, 32, of Brownsville

Arturo Delacruz, 39, of Charleroi

Philip J. Didomenico, 46, of Washington

Nicholas A. Dodato, 23, of Uniontown

James O. Dotson, 42, Fayette County Prison

Sean L. Dungee, 30, of Donora

Scott W. Eisel, 36, of Monongahela

Jeffrey R. Fetty, 49, of Clairton

Jeremy R. Fields, 35, of Monessen

Phillip M. Foeks, 26, of Washington

Michael J. Fowler, 28, of Pittsburgh

Taud J. Fowlkes, 25, of Strabane

Jason G. Fraka, 33, of Smock

Davoun D. Fuse, 36, of Canonsburg

Anthony E. Gallo of Washington

Cassandrea Gazboda, 48, Cardale

Matthew E. Geyer, 31, of Greensburg

Robert L. Glass, 29, of Washington

Seth W. Glenn, 33, of Adah

Shawn A. Greenough, 29, of Washington

Amber R. Greenwald, 44, of Kittanning

Edward D. Gregorczyk, 38, of Canonsburg

Ricardo K. Griffin, 34, of Pittsburgh

Alphonso G. Griffin, 26, of South Park

Chad W. Guta, 42, of Westland

Jason L. Guyton, 46, of Morgantown, West Virginia

Robert A. Hartlage, 48, of Bridgeville

Dennis D. Hawkins, 32, of Monessen

Travis W. Hickly, 26, of Finleyville

Dylan S. Houck, 26, of Burgettstown

Joshua M. Hubbard, 37, of Aliquippa

Michael C. Huchko, 39, of McDonald

Raleigh B. Ison, 51, of Washington

Ronald R. Jaram, 46, of Washington

Amy R. Jenkins, 29, of Marianna

Dorian C. Jeri-Greene, 30, of Tampa, Florida

Chase M. Jones, 32, of West Mifflin

Robert E. Jones 45, of Monongahela

Kelley Katko, 28, of Charleroi

Garrett S. Kelley, 40, of Finleyville

Caleb J. Kolbeck, 29, of Connellsville

Wilber K. Krepps, 37, of West Finley

Tyler Labrosse, 24, of New Eagle

Thomas Lankes, 51, of Claysville

Devantay Lauderbaugh, 23, of Charleroi

Robert P. Lilley, 34, of Ellsworth

Lauren N. Lint, 27, of Monessen

Lorenzo B. Lloyd, 29, of Washington

William F. Loechner, 45, of Pittsburgh

Glenn A. MacFann, 46, of Denbo

Corey A. Maxwell, 33, of Claysville

Jason K. McCoy, 34, of Brownsville

David R. McKee, 29, of Belle Vernon

Joseph W. Miller, 39, of Washington

David E. Miller, 41, of Brownsville

Jeffrey Miracle, 26, of Avella

Michael D. Morris, 38, of Charleroi

Elizabethan J. Nakutis, 33, of Clarksville

Troy R. Naylor, 50, of Springfield, Ohio

Donald A. Nelson, 49, of Avella

Jerrid R. Powell, 37, of Van Voorhis

Gary R. Prosser, 39, of Charleroi

Frank M. Rauchfuss, 40, of Charleroi

Dakota T. Reyna, 21, of Washington

Dant Richardson, 50, of Bentleyville

Edward H. Rodden, 36, of Monongahela

Christopher S. Rosario, 47, of Donora

Robert A. Rose, 62, of Donora

Joshua L. Roy, 26, of Joffre

Marcus B. Shaffer, 31, Houston

Richard Simmons, 35, of Burgettstown

Sean A. Smith, 26, of Washington

Sidney J. Sowell, 31, of Eighty Four

Zachary A. Staley,27, of Washington

Robert L. Stallman, 52, West Milford, West Virginia

Curtis L. Starr, 34, of Canonsburg

Luke J. Stroup, 30, of Merrittstown

Ronald E. Styche, 38, of Bridgeville

Rosalind M. Sugarmann, 61, of Allison Park

Thomas Sugarmann, 63, of Allison Park

Todd A. Summers, 26, of Charleroi

Cassandra M. Swope, 33, of Washington

Eli S. Taylor, 33, of Houston

Troy D. Terrell, 28, of Washington

Alicia M. Territo, 32, of Martins Ferry, Ohio

Brandon D. Thomas, 35, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

John M. Thomas, 42, of York

Larry E. Thompson, 27, of Washington

Jacob L. Trail, 29, of Charleroi

Luis M. Vallejo, 39, of Canonsburg

Lindsey P. VanRiper 28, of Washington

Nick V. Villella, 29, of Latrobe

Frank L. Vince, 46, of Monongahela

Alan M. Wareham, 36, of Monongahela

Jerome A. Warren, 25, of Washington

Roger S. Willis, 27, of Charleroi

Desiree Wilson, 29, of Pittsburgh

Paul S. Wise, 31, of Midway

Holly M. Wolfe, 35, of West Newton

Reginal M. Wooley, 43, of Washington

Daron G. Yetter, 56, of Beaverton, Or.

Reginal M. Wooley, 42, of Washington

Daron G. Yetter, 55, of Beaverton, Oregon

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