Chances are if you drove through the Five Corners section of Uniontown on Saturday, you were approached by someone handing out something. It wasn’t brochures or business cards that they were giving out; volunteers were passing out random acts of kindness.

Armed with kindness posters with quotes like “Be cool. Be nice. Be kind,” “Because of your smile you make life more beautiful.” and “I believe in you,” volunteers gave out free tickets for mini golf and donuts, flowers and kindness cards to motorists stopped at the intersection of Mount Vernon Avenue and Main Street.

“It’s rewarding giving back and helping others,” said organizer Brandie VanDusen

Saturday marked the second year for “Kindness to a Stranger Day,” which included volunteers of Fayette County Outreach and other sponsors.

“Our community outreach is all about spreading kindness,” said VanDusen, who also invited the public to participate in the event.

She said she reminded volunteers “to wear a smile, shake someone’s hand, give them a hug, and listen to their story.”

Those small gestures can have a big impact, she said.

VanDusen said they had a great turnout and the community has responded well.

“I think it’s great. People are really surprised (that all we are giving is kindness),” said VanDusen.

Some who were unable to participate in passing out kindness supported the effort by donating candy, coupons, flowers, bubbles, quarters, and small gifts that the group could give out. VanDusen said the donors and sponsors are a big part of the event’s success.

All of the volunteers who passed out the small gifts had similar stories, noting their love of Fayette County and Uniontown and a desire to uplift the community.

Flyers for the event perhaps said it best: “If you can be anything in the world, be kind.”

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