Atlantic Broadband has started offering Netflix at no additional cost to customers who subscribe to the company’s TiVo digital video recorder (DVR) service.

On the heels of the launch of TiVo in February, Atlantic Broadband began offering Netflix in late April. Netflix is a subscription-based provider of on-demand streaming video.

Customers have to subscribe to Atlantic’s TiVo service, which provides more recording and storage capacity than its standard DVR, and to Netflix to receive it without paying any additional fees to Atlantic.

TiVo can be added to all Atlantic Broadband service bundles, said David Isenberg, Atlantic Broadband’s chief marketing and strategy officer.

A new customer can get a TV, Internet and phone bundle with TiVo for $79.99 a month. Existing customers can add TiVo for $10 a month, he said. A Netflix subscription costs $7 a month.

Using Atlantic’s remote control, customer can access Netflix by tuning to channel 824. Selecting that channel brings up a menu of Netflix’ on-demand movies and TV shows, without commercials.

“Customers simply need to subscribe to the TiVo service and have a subscription to Netflix,” Isenberg said. “Tivo is the enabler. They’re the technology that brings together our live TV and on-demand services with Netflix. TiVo is the glue that makes all of this possible.

“TiVo allows us to make Netflix a channel on our service.”

Netflix’ service allows fans of TV to watch a program from its pilot episode to the current episode and movie fans to watch any of the movies in its library, Isenberg said.

Getting Netflix through Atlantic’s TiVo eliminates the need for additional receivers or other devices such as game consoles and media players.

Atlantic Broadband is the only cable operator in the country to combine the services, Isenberg said.

“We are the very first to provide a service that integrates cable TV, on demand and Netflix on one device. We think that level of simplicity and integration is kind of revolutionary. It’s as easy as changing the channel and we are the only ones doing it. It makes Netflix like any other TV network,” Isenberg said. “We’re thrilled that customers in western Pennsylvania can really be on the cutting edge of TV technology.”

The TiVo DVR allows people to stream any live or recorded program to their Ipads when they are at home, he said.

TiVo, which allows six shows to be recorded at the same time, will work on all TVs in a home by connecting small receivers to the other TVs, he said.

Connecting a Tivo DVR, which will replace all other cable boxes, requires a visit from an Atlantic Broadband technician.

A subsidiary of Cogeco Cable Inc. of Canada, Atlantic Broadband is based in Quincy, Mass. It is the 13th largest cable operator in the United States with more than 230,000 residential and business customers in western Pennsylvania, Miami Beach, Fla., Maryland/Delaware and Aiken, S.C.

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