Fayette County

The following property transfers were recorded in the Fayette County Recorder of Deeds office between April 28 and May 5:


Catherine Krenn to Thomas Phillips III and Deborah Phillips, for $36,000

Wooten Properties LLC to Douglas Christner, for $10,000

David John to William Lane, for $53,000

Bullskin Township

William Herrington Jr. to Brothers Holdings LLC, for $190,000


Gerry Perez to Seven Point Five Limited LLC, for $40,000

Standard Bank to RSC Dev. LLC, for $50,000

Dunbar Township

Home Proud Dev. Co. to Sean Allen, for $40,000

Tina Dull and LJ Farris to Ronald Plesz, for $1,000

Kristen Zelechowski to George Glass, for $155,000

PC Revocable Trust 2011 and Pamela Thomas to Thomas McCarthy, for $150,000


John Kacala, Paul Omatick and The Anna J. Szczygiel Trust to David Painter, for $35,000

Franklin Township

Scott Wivell to John Druga and Mary Hazelbaker, for $165,000

Georges Township

Carol Shurby to Renee Donofrio, for $2,000

Renee Donofio to Windy Skiles, for $8,000

Michael El-Ayazra to Triple c Autoplex LLC, for $60,000

German Township

Thomas Sullivan to Joseph Demniak, for $48,864.08

Kevin Ganoe to Mark Hlatky Jr. and Cody Peebles, for $20,000

Henry Clay Township

Terry Moore to William Schenck III, for $75,000

Jefferson Township

John Paull Jr. and Estate of Mary L. Paull to Wilfredo Smith, for $40,000

Luzerne Township

Thurman Shaffer and Estate of Margery Frost to Phoenix Castellano and Donna Mineo, for $29,900

Joan Moore and Jack Moore II to James Sadler, for $200,000


Todd Alexander and Patsy V. Alexander and Dolores Alexander Revocable Living Trust to Terri Miller and Kenneth Miller, for $115,000

Menallen Township

John Preston to Raymond Stathers, for $1,000

David Mudery to Max Kaydo, for $30,000

Nicholson Township

David Marshall to Daniel Collins, for $1,000

North Union Township

Lawrence Hartman Jr. to Jerry Davis Jr., for $27,455.22

Tania Bosley to Timothy Matthews, for $295,000

Clyde Fearer and Estate of Richard Paul Fearer to Seirra Seiler and Austin Keller, for $99,000

Bobbi Turner, Melissa Turner, Mark Turner and Gina Turner to Aaron Meade, for $32,000

Tammy Gray, Marsha Widmer and Dennis Shirley to CLS LLC, for $149,000

Lloyd Sickles III to Melanie Bartels, for $134,000

Perry Township

Bonnie Muccioli and Christine Muccioli to Jonathan Chester, for $10,000

Redstone Township

Thomas Zimmerlink Jr., Joseph Zimmerlink and Teresa Berenbrok to Tyler Brumley, for $750

Thomas Zimmerlink Jr., Joseph Zimmerlink and Teresa Berenbrok to Tyler Brumley, for $750

Chse Rutherford to Direct Digital Media LLC, for $10,000

David Swift to JamieThomas, for $500


Anne-Marie Romano to John DeAngelis, for $148,000

South Union Township

Marjorie Evans to Cob Zidek, for $30,000

James Churilla Jr., Siwell Systems, Small Business Self Employed Div., Internal Revenue SVC to Realty Star Land Trust, for $66,000

Lynee Hall to Nicholas Lambie, for $315,000

David Jones to Eric Witt and Bethany Herman, for $385,000

Mason Ziegler to Lydic Properties LLC, for $48,000

John Galica to Matthew Baker, for $399,000

Richard Johns to Diana Chekrallah, for $445,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Dev. to David Swift, for $130,000

Saveria Grimaldi to Timothy Sparks, for $40,000

Lisa Leone to John Morrison, for $465,000

George Family Limited Partnership to EBMG Holdings LLC, for $40,000

Kevin Sweeney to Daniel Enger, for $435,000


Jessica Lewallen and Joseph Lucas to Shelly Piccolomini, for $150,000

Jeffrey Burner to Teal Messner, for $66,000

Gary Regan to Joseph Wallace, for $45,000

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc to Claire Gates, for $222,000

Patricia Berardi, DBA CTA and Estate of James Curtis McDowell to Christine Collier, for $83,000

Nancy Decker to All Town Real Estate LLC, for $180,000

Evan Braun to Maria Nypaver, for $140,000

Upper Tyrone Township

Jacqueline Pritts to Jonathan Cook, for $20,000

Wharton Township

Gregory Nicholson and Cynthia R. Nicholson to Joel Davis, for $285,000

William Wolfe to JMC Holdings LLC, for $165,000

William Watts, Jamie Watts and Joint Revocable Trust Agreement of William S. Watts and Jane A. Watts to Jusith Obermanns, for $385,000

Howard Farm LLC to Josh Cantalamessa, for $364

The following property transfers were recorded in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds office between April 21-27.

Aleppo Township

Daniel A. Fink to EQM Poseidon Midstream LLC, for $95,760


Rachel E. Watson to Peter Neal Shlosky, for $172,000

Center Township

Justin Higgins to Dakota J. Corwin, $110,000


Joseph F. John II to Daniel M. Bartolozzi, for $7,196

Cumberland Township

Donald R. Myers Jr., to Kevin M. Bertloff, for $1,700

Geraldine Davidson to Brandon Nuckels, for $40,000

Franklin Township

Barbara S. Morris to Kevin Matthew Davis, for $198,000

DVA Waynesburg PA Landlord LLC to NOVASA LLC, for $1,200,000

Springhill, Aleppo and Freeport townships

Carol Ann Vega to Phive Starr Properties LP, for $3,500

Springhill and Freeport townships

Deborah A. Phillis to Phive Starr Properties LP, for $1,800

Washington Township

Timothy C. Torri to Jeffrey Ralph Jeffries, for $35,000

Wayne Township

Robert E. Grow Sr. to James Michael Jordan, for $250

James R. Gilbert to Willard J. Marshall, for $17,200


Albina Karen Olson Estate to Christopher Michaelson, for $129,500

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